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Hi, this is Brad Alexander, Owner of Zen Windows Nashville. Since, I’m actively involved in all of my customers’ projects, I thought it would be appropriate to use this About page to share my 30-plus years of industry experience with you. In doing so, I’ll show you that Zen Windows Nashville is THE company you can unequivocally trust with your replacement window or door project.

First, You Should Know That Home Construction & Renovation Is My Passion. Always Has Been; Always Will Be.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Building Construction in 1986. I was taught by some of the best minds in the business. These professionals were just as passionate about building as I am, and they laid the foundation for my  knowledge of home improvement.

After college, I began a multifaceted career in the remodeling industry that would span the next three decades. I built houses and subdivisions for Atlanta’s biggest homebuilding company.  I remodeled restaurants. I renovated and remodeled every type of home, from two-bedroom cottages to multi-million-dollar mansions to everything in between. 

I learned every in and out of my craft, and I was passionate about the work. I loved immersing myself in the renovation and creation process. And, most importantly, I loved helping people realize their dreams.

There was, however, one thing I couldn’t stand about my chosen profession: the way most remodeling companies would strong-arm homeowners into buying.

It Always Happened The Same Way…

A salesperson would arrive at a potential customer’s home. He would make an agonizing three-hour presentation where he would use the same old, tired, canned presentation every other guy or gal was using.  He’d pressure the homeowner. He’d use phony discounts, bait-and-switch tactics, and the tried-and-true “let me call my manager” ploy. He’d treat the customer like a dollar sign instead of, you know, a living and breathing person. And he wouldn’t leave until the homeowner caved and reluctantly signed on the dotted line, or kicked him out under threat of a call to the Better Business Bureau.

Over the years, this became too much for me. I loved home improvement, but I hated how many companies treated homeowners.

I started resenting my work. Not the actual building and renovation aspect—that fire still burned as bright as ever. But the lack of respect for customers ate away at me. Something had to change.

And something soon did.

The Beginning Of Zen Windows Nashville

Around the time my frustration with the industry reached its peak (late 2013)), I started hearing murmurs of an innovative window company called Zen Windows.

This particular company had eliminated all of the negative sales elements that homeowners despised: in-home presentations, high pressure, pricing games… you name it. As a result, they were giving customers an alternative to the high-pressure window companies’ sales tactics.

I had to know more about this Zen Windows. So I researched the company… and was floored by what I discovered. Their methods were unlike anything I’d ever seen. They abhorred sales pressure, so they handled quotes entirely over the phone and internet. Their prices were firm (no bogus discounts) and more than reasonable. They believed in educating homeowners rather than selling to them.

Here was a company whose philosophy aligned 100% with my own. And they just happened to be giving contractors across the country the opportunity to model the Zen Windows approach.

In September of 2013, I sat down with Scott Groves, one of Zen Windows’ co-founders. During the meeting, I discovered Zen Windows was as advertised: a forward-thinking company that put 100% of the focus on the customer experience. A company that understands we’re in the 21st century, not the 1950s. A company that’s honest, ethical, adaptable, and operates with the modern-day homeowner in mind.

The meeting reenergized me. Here was a company doing what I thought no company in this industry could (or would) do: provide homeowners with a positive, pleasant, and personal experience.

I knew what I had to do. In January of 2014, I left my job and opened Zen Windows Nashville.

Stress-Free Window Replacement Hits Nashville…

When I opened Zen Windows Nashville in 2014, Nashville-area homeowners immediately took to the “Zen” approach. They loved that they could get superior new windows and doors… without interrupting their busy lives to listen to a three-hour pitch spearheaded by a pushy salesman.

My extensive experience and the Zen Windows process go together in perfect harmony. You get an owner who is actively involved in your project and has more than 30 years of experience, along with a stress-free buying process that allows you the customer to control the sales process.

I’ve always had a passion for home improvement, but I’ve honestly never been more enthused than I am today. That’s because I get the opportunity to provide Nashville homeowners like you with a truly refreshing and pleasant project experience.

If you’d like a famous fast and accurate Zen Windows quote, call 615-424-8102 or visit our Get A Quote page and give a few details about your project. I’ll personally handle your quote and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. No arm twisting. No pricing games. No runaround.

That’s a promise.


Brad Alexander



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