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2018 Fix-It List: Drafty Windows

rows of double hung windows installed looking over the deck

As spring slowly begins to come around again and the winter days become fewer and fewer, homeowners start to think about that fix-it list for this year. You probably have a few projects in mind like replacing that bathroom door that always sticks and inspecting the roof for any loose shingles – but have you thought about your windows?

While it may not be at the top of your list yet, you might want to rethink that. You could be surprised at just how much those drafty old windows are costing you.

Money Out The Window

If your old windows are drafty and inefficient, you might as well be throwing your hard-earned money right out the window. As you repeatedly adjust your thermostat in an attempt to keep the room comfortable, you don’t even realize that you are fighting a losing battle until you get to the root of the problem. Replacing those drafty old windows will lower your energy bills and keep your home a constant, comfortable temperature, all year round.

Are They Safe?

Another reason that you might want to consider bumping “drafty windows” to the top of your fix-it list this spring is security. Those old windows are not as safe as you might think. Often, with age, the window frame doesn’t fit snugly in the opening anymore – causing the window to become difficult to shut. It doesn’t seal properly, either, which can make it an easy target for a break-in. Some of the safest and most secure replacement windows are casement windows. The casement windows available from Zen Windows Nashville come in a triple pane version for triple the security.

Unattractive and Tired Looking

Despite being drafty and unsafe, those old windows are just plain unattractive. They bring your home down and make it look tired. You will be surprised at how much different your home looks with new windows. There are very few home improvement projects that can affect your home inside and out, but replacement windows will affect your home’s curb appeal as well as the look of each and every room that they are in. They will take your home from average to gorgeous. There are some amazing window styles that will work perfectly with your home design and the needs of your family. From an entire wall of big, bright double-hung windows to perfectly placed sliders, your home will be completely transformed by the time your window project is finished.

With everything else that you have to do this season, don’t tackle that fix-it list alone. Let Zen Windows Nashville help you out. We install a variety of energy-efficient window styles that will keep your home safe and secure. We offer some of the most beautiful windows available to make your home shine. With our quick, no-hassle, fast and accurate quote, you’ll be on your way to checking off that fix-it list and enjoying some free time before you know it. Give us a call or go online today.