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3 Benefits of New Entry Doors in Nashville

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New entry doors mean new efficiency and security benefits in Nashville.

Homeowners rarely look forward to the day when they’ll have to replace their entry doors. After all, we’d like for all the features of our home to last forever. But when the time comes, don’t think of it as losing something. Think of it as gaining a new entry door, with strengthened entry door benefits. And if you choose a quality entry door, it just might be the last time you have to replace it while you live in the house. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with new entry doors:

More Security

The entry door is the main way into your home, not just for friends and family, but for unwanted intruders. So when it comes to home security, entry doors play an important role. As entry doors age, they begin to wear down, so your old entry door might not be protecting your house in the way it once did. This is especially true of some wood doors, which tend to swell and warp amidst adverse weather if not carefully treated. New entry doors will provide stronger security, particularly steel or fiberglass entry doors such as the doors from Therma-Tru or ProVia.

More Energy Efficiency

Entry doors are also an important part of your home’s insulation. Whether you noticed or not, there’s a good chance your old door was causing drafts and air leaks in your home through holes or weak spots. With a new entry door, you’ll notice those same areas that used to feel chilly are now comfortably temperature controlled. And it’s not just your home comfort that benefits. Your energy bills will be much lower when you don’t have to crank up the heat or AC in order to feel comfortable, and your home’s environmental impact will go down.


A new entry door is an opportunity to rethink the style of the front of your home. Maybe you want a sleeker, more modern looking door than the last, or maybe you want to revert to something more classic. Maybe installing a new entry door will inspire you to tackle a whole porch remodeling project. You can choose a door that highlights the landscaping of your home, with colors that match the flowerbed, or decorative glass panes to offer more light and aesthetic. Even if you simply install a more up-to-date version of your old door, the fresh new look will certainly draw the eye of friends and neighbors.

A new entry door is an opportunity to improve your home. Ready to have your own installed? At Zen Windows Nashville, we offer entry doors from the top brands like Therma-Tru, Masonite, and ProVia. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.