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3 Crucial Reasons Why Your Soffits and Fascia Are Important

It can be easy to ignore or overlook the soffit and fascia on your house until they malfunction. The problem is by the time there is a noticeable issue, there is usually already significant damage to your home. Here are several reasons to pay attention to your vinyl soffit and fascia in Nashville.

  1. They Keep Water Out of Your House

Especially in a climate like Nashville where there wind and rain are common, water can blow up under the eaves of your house. If there are holes or cracks in your soffit, water can seep in and collect which could cause extensive damage to your walls.

  1. They Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Animal nests anywhere on the exterior of your home can lead to rot, mold or even an infestation if they find a way to enter your attic. The most likely part of your house for an animal to build a nest would be on the fascia or under the soffit. Getting vinyl soffit and fascia in Nashville can protect your home from pests better than wood or aluminum.

  1. They Add to the Visual Appeal of Your House

When your existing soffit and fascia start to decay, symptoms like peeling paint and warped seals can make your home look run down and uncared for. It can also lower the value of your home. Current vinyl soffit and fascia are available in different styles so it is usually fairly simple to find a type that complements your house’s architecture and gives it added curb appeal.

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