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3 Questions to Ask About Window Installation

freshly installed single hung window

When you listen to a sales pitch from an average window company, it will most likely be lengthy (sometimes three or four hours!) and will probably include very little about the installation process. When you need replacement windows in Nashville, choose a company that offers expert installation and is proud to discuss it. Here are some questions you might want to bring up.

  1. Who Will Be Installing My Windows?

Because most window companies sub-contract their work, they may not understand the installation process or even care about it. The problem with this scenario is that your replacement windows in Nashville will not be able to perform properly if they are incorrectly installed. It can be important to know exactly who is installing your windows and how high their quality of their work is.

  1. Is it Worth Paying More for Expert Installation?

Even replacement windows in Nashville with the highest rated performance criteria cannot function correctly when they are improperly installed. That means that even if you spend more money on a higher quality window, it can perform worse than a cheaper one without proper installation and it can be a huge waste of your time and money.

  1. How Much More Will it Cost Me?

There is roughly a $120 difference between the lowest and the highest end installation. What most window companies want you to focus on is that immediate price difference. What you should focus on instead is how much a poor installation could cost you down the road. When there are leaks or drafts caused by a poor installation that damage your house or raise your energy bill, it might cost you more to repair the destruction than it would have to get the expert installation.

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