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3 Reasons Casement Replacement Windows Are So Popular

windows open to hills and trees and sunlight

Searching for the right style? Consider casement replacement windows.

When you look for replacement windows, you have a number of styles to choose from. There’s the traditional double hung window, the grand bay window, and everything in between. Lately, however, casement replacement windows are giving double hung windows a run for their money. These tall windows are sweeping through Nashville and the rest of the country.

Sleek Look, Simple Design

Casement replacement windows are actually among the simplest in terms of design. They’re vertical windows, usually on the tall side, that open from the side through the use of a hand crank. This simplicity, however, makes these windows both user-friendly and sleek in design. They can suit just about any room, and can even be used to amplify the style of other windows –  such as fixed windows or bay or bow windows. Style doesn’t always have to be elaborate and intricate. Sometimes simplicity allows for the most aesthetic versatility and the cleanest look.

Energy Efficiency

Casement replacement windows are said to be the most energy efficient replacement window styles on the market. With their side hinge and locking mechanism, closed casement windows are completely enclosed within the frame, which makes them better able to hold heat or air conditioning within the home. They’re also the perfect windows for ventilation, as the side opening helps to move air into the home much like a sail of a ship. Because of this, you may not even have to rely on your home’s HVAC system as much to keep your home comfortable. When your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, your bills will go down.

Low Maintenance

Remember that simple design we talked about? Because these windows open as far as a 90 degree angle, they’re remarkably easy to clean. You can wipe down both panes without even leaving your house. The simple design also makes for less pieces that need regular care. These windows are so easy to take care of that most of the time, you won’t even think about it, which is really the ideal when looking for replacement windows. And when they’re made with high quality, like those manufactured by Soft-Lite, they’ll last for years without needing to be replaced.

Need more evidence that casement replacement windows are the best windows to use in your Nashville home? Contact Zen Windows Nashville to schedule a free quote and go over all the ways that casement windows could benefit your home.