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3 Types of Replacement Windows That Aren’t Double-Hung

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What kind of replacement windows do you need for your Nashville home?

Finding a quality manufacturer and contractor is important when you need replacement windows. But once you’ve ensured top quality, the next step is style. What kind of replacement windows do you want? Are you looking for wide extended views or something small and sealed? There are many options to choose from, and maybe the traditional double-hung window isn’t for you — although if it is, we can certainly provide you with that. At Zen Windows Nashville, we offer ten replacement window styles, plus special shapes. So which is right for you?

Casement Windows

Casement windows are tall windows which open outward from the side by one or more hinges. These windows have a stately style that works well in classic style homes as well as modern. They offer excellent ventilation, working almost like the sail of a ship when open, allowing just enough breeze. They’re also known to be one of the most thermally efficient window types on the market, mostly because of their hinged nature. A single casement window can offer extended views and light to a room, but many homeowners often choose three or four casement windows in a row for a more cohesive style. They suit almost any room in the house, but particularly living spaces and bedrooms.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are made up of four panes with a convex shape and built in ledge that’s perfect for an indoor flower or herb garden. It has a trapezoidal shape, with the top glass pane sloped to offer water runoff and extra sunlight. With these windows, you won’t have to rely as much on electrical lighting during the day, and your plants will get plenty of light themselves. Garden windows are perfect for both modern and cottage style homes. They work particularly well in the kitchen or home office.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar in that they’re also convex and come with a built in ledge, but tend to be much larger, offering more extended outdoor views. Bow windows include five consecutive tall panes of glass that curve outward in an elegant fashion that’s perfect for more classic homes. With a large window ledge, you can make a window seat or reading nook. These windows are ideal for smaller rooms that need the illusion — or actuality — of more space.

Not what you were looking for? Check out our other window styles or ask us about special shape windows to find the right type of replacement windows for your home. Contact Zen Windows Nashville today.