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3 Unique Ways to Make Your Home’s Front Door More Interesting

dew glass storm door and front door

How much time have you spent decorating your home’s interior? Now think about how much time you’ve spent on the outside of your house. Even though you don’t look at it as often, decorating your entry doors in Nashville is still important for adding curb appeal or even drawing in potential buyers.

Paint a New Door

The easiest way to make your front door more interesting is to purchase and paint a new one. Consider your home’s overall style before choosing a color. If your home has an old-fashioned look to it, consider pale pinks, light blues or other pastel shades that will add to its vintage charm. Do you have a large or modern home? Bold colors like royal purple or deep red can add to the luxurious design. Of course, the best idea is to start with a new door. This way, you won’t put work into it only to find out it needs replacement a few months down the line.

Try Different Textures

Perhaps you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association that requires a more uniform style. If you can’t paint your door a bright color, consider adding interest by using textures instead. Vertical or horizontal wood panels create a stylish and sophisticated design that works with nearly every type of home. You can also add texture and an easy way to see who’s at the door by purchasing entry doors in Nashville that have glass windows in them.

Spruce It Up With Unique Art

Who says your art needs to stay on the inside of your home? Whether you like to arrange flowers or sculpt beautiful designs, adding elements of design to an otherwise bare entry space draws in the eye and makes people wonder about the interesting family that must live in the home.

To make your door more interesting, you must begin with durable and safe entry doors in Nashville. Zen Windows Nashville is ready to help you choose them. Contact us at 615-424-8102 for more information.