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4 Common Signs Your Soffits and Fascia Boards Need Replaced

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Although many people are unaware of their existence, the soffits and fascia boards are actually two vital components of your roof. By visually inspecting them twice a year, you should be able to pick up on signs of disrepair and replace these crucial parts before they affect the integrity of your roof.

  1. Cracks or Holes

A hole in your soffits can be simple to spot, but you may need to do a more thorough examination to determine whether or not there are any cracks. You know your soffits and fascia boards need replaced when you find cracks or holes in your existing vinyl. Regardless of their size, any damage can spell disaster for your roof and attic.

  1. Animal Nests

Insects and smaller animals like birds or squirrels can make nests in your soffits which can not only damage the vinyl but also be an indication that these animals have found a way into your attic. Getting new soffit and fascia installation in Nashville can ensure these types of pests are not allowed to enter your home and cause destruction.

  1. Bowing

This sign of damage is most noticeable on the fascia boards and is usually the result of too much moisture. A bowing fascia board is concerning as it can signify that water is potentially leaking into your roof or walls which can be devastating.

  1. Rot or Mold

Any rot is a sign of trouble as it can lead to mold. Once mold has begun to grow on your roof or in your attic, it can spell disaster for your home. Soffit and fascia installation in Nashville is a sure way to prevent any rot you may notice from turning into a more serious problem.

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