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Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Fall?

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Fall might not be the busiest season for window and door companies in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your own windows and doors. Fall offers its own challenges for your home’s windows, such as cooler weather and frequent storms. However, after fall comes winter, which just might be the most challenging time of year for windows and patio doors. Here are some ways to protect your home from the cooler months.


Does your window have weatherstripping? Now is the best time to make sure it’s still going strong or, better yet, replace it while the weather is still mild. Check your window frames as well for any swelling or cracking that might have occurred during the summer — especially if you have wood windows. When your window lets too much air through, you could end up with window condensation during the coldest months.

If everything seems to be sealed, but you still notice cold spots near your windows, it may be time to have them replaced. High quality vinyl windows can stand up to the weather and perform more efficiently than options like wood.

Patio Doors

Chances are, when winter arrives you won’t be using your patio doors as often. That means they’ll sit neglected for months, so it’s a good idea to have them in the best shape before the cold weather hits. Take some time to clean the track for your sliding glass patio doors and check for air leaks. You can do this by lighting a candle beside the patio door. If you notice the flame pull in one direction or another, you probably have an air leak. Maybe the doors aren’t aligned correctly or maybe there’s a crack somewhere. Talk to a window and door company about what the problem might be and whether or not it’s time to replace.

Entry Doors

There was a time when wood entry doors were the most popular style, because of their classic elegance and natural insulation. Today, however, wood entry doors simply don’t stand up to fall and winter the same way fiberglass or steel entry doors do. If you have a wood door that’s starting to swell or crack from the moisture after a storm, it may be time to switch to a stronger door. Otherwise, check the caulking around the door and strengthen the weatherstripping. With entry doors, you also want to make sure the lock is especially secure and not loosened due to use. If you notice your energy bills are higher this fall and winter than in previous years, that may be a sign that you need to replace your entry doors.

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