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The Best Window Styles For Every Room

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If you have ever walked into a room and thought that there was just something about that room that seemed so perfect, chances are, it had some really amazing windows. Not just any windows will fit any room, but the perfect windows can completely define a room. Zen Windows of Nashville knows that pairing the exact windows with the room that they were meant to be in is like creating a masterpiece.

Some windows are meant to be in the family room or living room while others completely complement the kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the window styles that work flawlessly in each room of your home.

Family Room

You want your family room to be inviting and comfortable. It is a place where your family goes to unwind, visit, and relax. One of the best replacement windows for the family room is the bay window. Bay windows create an atmosphere of peace and warmth. They form a focal point that draws the entire room together into one harmonious space. Bay windows are wonderful at letting in a lot of light and can be opened up to let a fresh breeze blow through, too.

If your space simply won’t accommodate a bay window, side-by-side double-hung windows can still give your space that open and airy feeling while also keeping it warm and cozy with lots of light.


Kitchen windows need to be beautiful and functional. They are often placed above countertops but that doesn’t have to detract from their ability to make a statement and bring a room together. Casement windows can work well above your countertops. Since they open inward they can make quite the impact visually and are very functional. Another great choice for kitchens is the slider window style. This no, fuss, easy-to-maintain replacement window is a popular choice because it is so easy to open even in difficult to reach areas.The unobstructed viewing area can make a wonderful backdrop for your kitchen if you have a view to display.


Bathroom window needs require special considerations. The bathroom windows need to be able to open for ventilation and also allow for some privacy. Awning windows are a great compromise to privacy and also allowing fresh air in. They are hinged at the top so you can open them a little or a lot and still maintain some privacy. Designer glass is another popular feature that we at Zen Windows of Nashville install in bathrooms. Designer glass, such as etched glass, can give your bathroom that “wow” factor that you are looking for.

Zen Windows of Nashville is in the business of creating masterpieces. We believe the perfect windows can completely transform your home. We install windows for every room of your house. At Zen Windows, we do things a little differently. There’s no sales pressure and no hassle. We offer a fast and accurate quote and a peaceful window buying experience. Give us a call today or go online for your free fast and accurate quote.