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Choosing The Right Windows And Doors For Your New Floor Plan

modern luxury kitchen with double hung windows

Sometimes when you buy a home, the footprint may not precisely fit your family’s needs. You may need a better flow in your kitchen, or an extra bathroom built to make the early morning bustle run smoother as your family gets ready to start their day. When you change the footprint of your home, you need to remember to replace your old windows and doors with vinyl doors and windows to complete the new flow of the rooms.

Home Not-So-Sweet Home

Maybe you have lived in your home for some time and it just isn’t working for you anymore. Most likely, you will want to add space, comfort, or functionality to your home. Sometimes, it takes years of living in a house to realize the floor plan does not work for you. After spending time trying to function in a space that doesn’t work for you, it’s time to reconfigure the footprint of your home. You will save the money you have invested over the years by remodeling instead of moving.

Time For Change

You should look at what is missing in your home such as a much-needed bathroom, a larger kitchen with an island for your family to cook together, or a master suite now that your children have gone off to college. When you are ready for a change, you will not want to forget to take your windows and doors into consideration.

Look For A Good Flow

Sometimes, you can make the most significant improvement to a room by deciding where to move your windows and doors. In Nashville, the scenery is incredible with the beautiful green in the spring and summertime. You can curl up in front of your fireplace and watch the falling leaves this fall, or enjoy watching a rain shower on a lazy afternoon, by adding the right windows to your living room.

Stunning Living Room

Some ideas that you will want to consider are what kind of windows you want. If your home improvement is for your living room, you might want to save an exterior wall just for windows. By using three casement windows with one large transom window above them, you can create a stunning view from inside and outside your home. Talk about curb appeal!


If your kitchen is getting a facelift, you can make some perfect window choices in your new design. A garden window is an ideal addition to any kitchen. The added light will give any cook an edge on growing their herbs for gourmet dishes on the built-in shelf. It is like having a small bay window in your kitchen. Another window to keep in mind is an awning window. Awning windows are great to use when you don’t have a lot of space. They work well above sinks and other harder to reach spots in the kitchen.

Master Suite

Finally, you are getting that dream master suite! You can take out a hallway or extra closet now that they do not fit your needs. Master suites are an excellent place for a bay window to create a reading nook. You can add an awning window above your shower for a private retreat with natural light. If you live in a secluded area, you might want to add patio doors to your bedroom to access a sweet patio for an al fresco meal with your honey.

When your home needs a different flow to it, change the floorplan to suit your needs. You can create a floor plan that includes adding or modifying a kitchen, bathroom, or master suite. When you redesign the floorplan, you will want to change the windows and doors to complement your newly remodeled home. At Zen Windows of Nashville, we have a wide selection of window styles to meet your needs. If you need help making design decisions, we are ready to help. We have whatever windows and doors you need to work well with your new floorplan, and we have a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from. So go online or give us a call now!