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Create More Space With Sliding Patio Doors

More views for less space. What more could you want from your Nashville patio doors?

There are several reasons to have sliding patio doors installed in your Nashville home. They offer more light and more extended views to a room, combine your indoor and outdoor space, they’re easy to operate, and are a popular aesthetic feature. But one of the favorite benefits homeowners enjoy from sliding patio doors is undoubtedly the space they provide. Used optimally, they can help a small interior room or patio feel more spacious. If you need more room to decorate, sliding patio doors will help you achieve that.


It’s nice to have a comfortable outdoor space for those nice days and nights of the year when you want a little fresh air. Your patio can be a space for entertaining, or simply a nook where you can drink your morning coffee and watch the sun come up. Regardless of your purpose, a plain concrete slab does not a patio make. You want to make it your own with seating, a little table, umbrellas for those days when the sun is a little too bright, and features that make you feel as at home outside as you are inside. You might want to plant a patio garden or install a few potted plants.

The problem is that often your space is limited, and it’s made that much more limited by hinged patio doors. With hinged patio doors, you have to take into consideration both the width of the door and the depth of it opening. In order for the door to be able to open all the way, furniture has to be pushed further away, which can be a problem when your space is already limited.


Everyone knows that furniture should be positioned away from the door, so that you can actually reach the door. However, in most interior spaces, there are hinged doors that, like the exterior, require more breadth of space. This might be okay if you live alone or have a sizable living space. However, for families or those who like to entertain, the struggle of trying to fit enough seating into a living room, sunroom, kitchen or whatever room abuts the patio can be compounded by hinged doors. Have a pet dog who loves to lie in the sun? It would be wonderful to be able to lie their bed in front of the glass patio door, but in the case of French doors, it’s just not practical.

The Solution

The solution, of course, is a sliding patio door. These doors run on a track, so they never open inward or outward or take up any more space open than when closed. With sliding patio doors, you’ll need enough room to open one side, but otherwise you can fill your interior room or exterior patio as much as you’d like. Place your dog’s bed in position to soak up all that sunlight. Add a large potted plant as an accent piece right by the door. Add seating or redecorate the interior room of your home. You have the freedom to do whatever you’d like with the new space you have.

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