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DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Doors

wreath with fall leaves and gourds

Halloween is around the corner, and chances are some of your Nashville neighbors have already started to decorate their lawn or house. Your doors offer a perfect canvas for your Halloween decorations, whether you want to go all out or just give off a hint of spooky. But you don’t have to go to the store or Amazon to buy your Halloween decorations this year. If you’re looking for something more creative, you can create your own Halloween door decorations.

Halloween Wreaths

If you want to decorate without going over the top, a Halloween wreath could be the perfect solution — and it’s pretty easy to make as a DIY project. Ribbons, deco mesh, twigs, or even an old bike wheel can serve as the ring for your wreath. You can fill it in with synthetic spider webs, bats, or skulls, or maybe something more harvest themed and autumnal like fallen leaves or your favorite Halloween candy. A Halloween wreath will impress friends, family, and trick-or-treater’s alike, but it’s much easier to take down at the end of the season than a yard full of Halloween decorations. Depending on the make of your wreath, you can even save it for next year.

Board It Up

There’s something eerie about walking past a house with windows and doors boarded up, even if it’s just for Halloween. It’s something simple, but it leaves questions like, “What happened there?” It makes the house seem mysteriously abandoned, which creates the perfect allure for those wandering through the neighborhood on Halloween. But best of all, it’s easy to create this effect on your perfectly lived in home just for the season. All you need are a few spare boards and heavy duty double-sided tape. If you prefer, you can swap boards out for police tape.

Add Some Eyes

If you really want your doors to give chills to passersby, add some eyes. Menacing black eyes or wide googly eyes on top of other decorations can really make your neighbors jump. You can wrap the door in white gauze and add a pair of eyes to give it the appearance of a waking mummy, or add a toothy maw below to create the effect of a hungry monster. Decorating your door with a spooky face is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit.

The most important part of any Halloween door decorations, of course, is having the right door behind it. If you need to replace your doors, contact Zen Windows Nashville today for more information.