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End Of Winter Checklist: Often Missed Areas

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Winter has been hard in Nashville this year. Snow and ice, freezing temperatures, and fierce winds have all taken their toll on your home. As the close of the season nears and the next begins, it is the perfect time to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape for spring. Here is a checklist of often-missed areas of your home that need to be inspected before spring.

✓ Soffit and Fascia

One of the most underappreciated areas of your home is the soffit and fascia. This is the area associated with your gutters, just under the eaves. Inspecting your soffit and fascia at the end of each season is a good practice for keeping your roof in the best shape that you can. They are responsible for keeping moisture away from your roof and for keeping unwanted animals out of your home. They also keep your home looking its best. If they are not in good shape, installing new vinyl soffit and fascia in Nashville is recommended.

✓ Rain Gutters

Keeping your gutters in good shape is key to maintaining the soffit and fascia, too. Your rain gutters protect your home from water damage and they protect your foundation from serious damage as well. End of winter gutter inspection can include a ground visual inspection and a professional inspection done on a ladder. Walk around your home and notice if any of the sections of your rain gutters are loose, leaking, or have visible animal homes built in them. If you notice any of these problems, they will need to be checked out by a professional. You should also inspect the downspouts to make sure they are attached properly and pointed away from the house.

✓ Window Screens

With spring approaching, you will want to open your windows soon and let some fresh air into your home. You will also want to open your windows for regulating the temperature of your home as the weather warms up. Inspecting your window screens now will prevent any delay in being able to use your windows when the time comes. Any holes or tears in your screens larger than a dime can be dangerous and will allow bugs, lizards, or even snakes into your home.

✓ Around Windows

Inspecting the perimeter of your windows from the outside of your home will help you to see any spots that need to be repaired. Leaky windows can damage the interior of your home and can also raise your energy bills. If you have second-story windows, a professional should inspect these.

If your home is in need of new soffit and fascia or window replacement, Zen Windows Nashville can help. We’re one of the leading installers of vinyl soffit and fascia in Nashville. We install windows and screens of every shape and size so give us a call today for your no-hassle, fast and accurate quote.