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Home Upgrades That Pay Off With Curb Appeal and Home Value

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This year, give your Nashville home the curb appeal it deserves with these upgrades.

Rarely do homeowners make upgrades to their home simply for the sake of change. Of course, they might want an aesthetic upgrade simply because they’re tired of looking at the same walls or rooms for years on end. In most cases, however, the point of an upgrade is to add some kind of benefit to the home. An ideal upgrade soon pays its worth when it comes to your curb appeal and adds value to your home, which will come in handy if you plan to eventually sell. So it’s important to choose only home upgrades that will make a concrete difference to your Nashville home. Here are a few of our suggestions of home upgrades that pay off:

New Windows

When was the last time you replaced your windows? Ten years? Twenty? Have you ever replaced your windows in your current home? If not, there’s a good chance that your home can benefit from new windows, whether to replace the old ones or simply to add to them. Energy efficiency in windows has come a long way in the last few years. Between multiple panes of glass and gas fillings to slow the flow of air and keep heat from escaping the home, warm edge spacers or even just a sturdy frame, energy efficient windows have much to offer your home. In fact, Energy Star’s research has shown that Nashville homeowners can save up to $349 each year on their energy bills by switching to Energy Star certified replacement windows.

And if it’s curb appeal you’re looking for, there’s nothing like the sight of fresh, new windows in sleek vinyl frames to draw the eye to your home.

New Entry Door

Your entry door is often one of the first impressions your home makes on the outside world. It’s the way that guests come into your home, and one of the first things noticeable from the street. Some homeowners paint their entry door in bold colors to draw attention to it and give the home a bold, fresh look overall. Conversely, a worn entry door can make your entire house look tired and dated. And it’s not just the curb appeal. The state of your entry door can have an impact on your home security and your insulation. The right new entry door can offer not only looks but energy efficiency and peace of mind to your home.

New Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Patio doors are something in between, but they’re always a smart choice if you’re looking for a way to boost your curb appeal and home value. Sliding glass patio doors boost the aesthetic of your home on both the outside and inside, by flooding the adjacent room in light and helping to combine your outdoor and indoor space. Because the panes run on a closed track, sliding glass patio doors are also remarkably energy efficient, so even on a winter day you can enjoy all those great outdoor views without feeling that outdoor chill. Sliding glass patio doors are an understandably desirable feature for any home.

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