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How New Windows Can Save You Money!

round top window over a picture window

When some homeowners think about installing new windows in their homes, they consider it just as another expense to add to their budget. Unfortunately, these individuals forget to think of the facts that the old windows they are using today could be the reason they cannot manage their budget as they wish.

Zen Windows Nashville, LLC, is an experienced, trustworthy window and door installation company based in Nashville, TN. We know the benefits you can get by replacing your current old windows and are here to help you get quality windows.

Here is how our new windows will save you a lot of money throughout the year.

Heat Transfer

Our energy-efficient windows can radically help prevent the transfer of cold and heat into and out of your home. The U.S. Department of Energy provides that most homes lose over 30 percent of their heat through windows and recommends that homes should buy windows that have moderate to high R-values, which translate into great thermal efficiency and reduced heat loss. By these windows giving you the ability to control the temperature of your home, you are able to manage the comfort in your home in a better way and lower the amount of energy you require to heat and cool your home throughout the year and hence drive down your monthly bills.


If your home has wood windows, you are obligated to paint or stain your wooden frames frequently so that they do not rot. The cost of maintaining them is evidently very high since you must thoroughly mask them off and sand and prime them with multiple layers of paint to ensure they stay in good condition. Furthermore, there are many old window frames that are not designed to be painted. If you paint them mistakenly for any reasons, they start to peel and blister, which mean more expenditure. But our modern windows do not only need any painting but are also easy to maintain.

Ultraviolet Rays

Clear, untreated glass windows let in ultraviolet light rays into your house and cause permanent damage to the inside of your home. Some of your items that you are hiding from these rays inside your home are still being damaged, and you will ultimately need to replace them.

As shown above, failure to replace your current old windows means faded artwork, disappearing photographs, discolored carpet, and faded furniture and wood floors. You might also notice your blinds and curtains start deteriorating in value. Having to replace all these items could be more costly than new window installation.

If you are experiencing a few or all of these issues, you are most possibly spending too much on your old windows and that trend may not end soon unless you do something. For those residing in Nashville, TN, or its environs, contact us for quality window and door installation services and free advice and guidance on how you can get your quality new windows. One of our friendly specialists is on standby to help you get windows of your choice.