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Learn More About Zen Window’s Energy Efficient Windows

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With today’s high energy costs, home owners want to conserve as much energy as possible. One effective way to achieve this goal is to install energy efficient windows. Whether you need to replace just one window or several throughout your home, we at Zen Windows are here to help you during the entire installation process.

The U.S. Department of Energy sets specific criteria in order for a window to be certified with the ENERGY STAR label. Each window must be independently certified to meet or exceed guidelines set for the climate of a particular region of the U.S. That means a window certified with the ENERGY STAR label for the climate in Florida might not meet the standards required to receive an ENERGY STAR label in Nashville. You can be assured that at Zen, we’ll provide you with a window that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR criteria for your local area.

In addition to saving energy and thus saving on heating and cooling costs, installing an ENERGY STAR-labeled window will add to the comfort of your home by preventing drafts. There’s also reduced fading of your valuable window treatments, furniture, rugs and wall hangings thanks to a special coating on the glass that acts as a virtual “sunscreen,” which blocks out harmful UV rays.

What makes a window energy efficient? First, there are two or three panes of glass that provide multiple layers of protection against the elements. Our windows are constructed of the highly energy efficient Godzilla Glass triple-pane glass. Second, a dense, non-toxic gas called argon that’s inserted between the glass panes provides additional insulation from extreme temperatures. Finally, the low-emissivity, or low-E, glass reflects heat into your home during the winter and away from your home during the summer.

Window Types

No matter what type of window you choose from us, we at Zen will make sure you will enjoy the ultimate in energy efficiency from your purchase. The classic double hung window remains the most popular replacement window.

Maybe you need a replacement casement window. This classic crank or lever-operated style is ideal for just about any home décor.

A slider window contains very few parts. Small wheels help this window gracefully glide along a track. With the right fit, this style of window can provide peak energy efficiency.

We can even replace that special-shaped window unique to your home. We’ll customize the size and shape of your replacement window and make sure to maintain or even increase its energy efficiency.

Awning, Bay, Bow, Garden and Round Top are some of the other attractive window styles we offer. As with all styles, we’ll make sure each of these window types meets the required standards for energy efficiency.