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Making Smaller Homes Seem Larger With Replacement Windows

home with balcony and new picture windows

In recent years, there has been a tiny house movement across America. The reasons people want a little house vary from wanting to travel, to downsizing their lives. Most people would rather not live in a tiny home, but you can take a few helpful ideas from these small houses. These small structures are built for functionality and usually have an illusion of space. If you live in a small area, you would probably like to make it bigger, or at least feel bigger. An excellent way to add an illusion of space is with replacement windows. In Nashville, the surroundings are so green and beautiful that you will want to open your home to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Small Spaces

Some people like small spaces. Children will cuddle up in the littlest place to take a nap. As adults, most of us want to spread out. We love to be able to have a place to put all our favorite and essential items in our life. If your home is smaller than you would like, or if it just doesn’t seem big enough for your family, there are ways to open up the space that you do have.

Bay Windows

One of the quickest ways to open up a small area of your home is to replace a window with a bay window. A bay window automatically gives you more space because a bay window is a three-dimensional design, constructed with a picture window in the middle with two smaller windows at an angle on each side. There is a shelf created under the window that you can use as a reading nook or added storage space. Bay windows work great in a bedroom or living room, because the side windows open to allow a breeze to circulate throughout the room from two different directions.

Bow Windows

When adding more space to your home, you might want more floor space instead of a reading nook. An excellent way to create added space is with a bow window. Bow windows are stunning from the outside of your home and a perfect place to have a sitting area in your living room or a breakfast nook in your kitchen.

Wall Of Windows

A different way to give an illusion of added space and make a room feel as though you opened it up to the outside world is a wall of windows. You can add a large transom window above three casement style windows to create a stunning effect.  A room that your sofa and a chair will barely fit into will feel so much more extensive with just the addition of a wall of windows.

Patio Doors

A way to make a room feel as though it is more open, but also open it to your deck or yard, is by adding a set of patio doors. You will not only give an illusion of more space, but you can also create a transition from the interior of your home to the exterior. A patio door is great for an area that you use for entertaining, such as your kitchen.

Some people love to live in tiny houses; others, not so much. If you choose to open up space you currently live in, a great way to do that is with the uses of different replacement windows. You can give the illusion of space or create space, depending on which type of window you choose. At Zen Window of Nashville, we offer a wide variety of replacement window styles. No matter what kind of window you need, we have the window for you. Our window design team can help you find the perfect windows to add space to your home. We would love to help you find those ideal windows for your home. Go online or give us a call now!