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3 Ways to Beautify Your Entry Door

Nashville doorsYour entryway says a lot about you and gives your guests a sneak peek at your style preferences and personality. If you aren’t currently happy with the way your entryway looks, you can transform it by simply focusing on your door. Doors are natural focal points, and if yours is boring it will cause your entire entryway to look boring. Here are three things you can do to beautify your Nashville doors.

  1. Add Décor

Wreaths, swag and other door décor items can make your home look more welcoming and charming. Make sure you choose décor that is appropriately sized for your door. A 10-inch wreath would look silly attached to a dramatic double-door entry, while an oversized door swag would overwhelm a modest door. A 24-inch wreath is just right for a standard width front door.

  1. Transform With Paint

If your entryway looks boring, liven it up by adding an attractive paint color to your door. Cheerful yellows, stunning ocean blues and muted farmhouse hues are very popular right now. Before painting, collect a few paint samples and try them out on some boards to make sure they complement your exterior color theme. Once you have found the perfect color, strip and sand the old paint from your door before applying the new color.

  1. Replace and Upgrade

If you’re unhappy with the way your current doors look, you may want to replace and upgrade them with new, fashionable Nashville doors. Look for replacement doors that match your overall décor theme and add the right decorative touch to your front porch or entryway. The right front door will not only increase curb appeal, but increase security and improve energy efficiency as well.

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