Zen Windows Nashville Blog

November 20, 2017

Simple Window Treatment for Kids’ Rooms

Homeowners often wonder how to decorate kids’ rooms. These spaces are typically subject to pretty rough use, so expensive and detailed decorating schemes are often not practical. That said, parents still want children’s rooms to look nice and be comfortable places to spend time. A simple solution is to create an attractive window treatment. This is a practical consideration since […]
November 13, 2017

Quick Cleaning for the Winter Season

All year long you are busy with keeping the family fed and cared for; there can be little time left to take care of your home. Big cleaning projects can pile up until before you know it, winter is here and it is too late to finish certain tasks like cleaning the outside of a vinyl window in Nashville. Even […]
November 6, 2017

Three Tips for a Cleaner Basement

The basement of a home can be one of the hardest places in the home to keep clean. No matter how tidy the rest of the house might be, the basement may exhibit years of clutter and other kinds of mess. The basement can be easy to overlook simply because it feels overwhelming to clean. Implementing these tips will help […]
November 1, 2017

Small Porch Style Points

The idea of relaxing on a porch swing, sipping a cool drink, and chatting with friends is an undeniably appealing thought but not everyone has the large porch required to achieve this kind of dream. Many people have a very small porch space and so feel like creative and appealing decorating choices are simply unachievable. Although some creativity is required […]
October 23, 2017

4 Surprising Benefits of Shutters

Are you thinking about replacing your old, dusty drapes with new window coverings? If so, you may want to consider durable, attractive shutters. Shutters also make an attractive exterior accent for your windows. Here are four surprising benefits you can experience if you install shutters in Nashville. Increased Home Value There is no doubt about it – homeowners love the […]
October 16, 2017

3 Ways to Beautify Your Entry Door

Your entryway says a lot about you and gives your guests a sneak peek at your style preferences and personality. If you aren’t currently happy with the way your entryway looks, you can transform it by simply focusing on your door. Doors are natural focal points, and if yours is boring it will cause your entire entryway to look boring. […]