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Patios Are Not What They Used To Be

The definition in the dictionary that is given for patio is “a paved outdoor space that adjoins a house, usually used for dining.” It also says that in some countries, the area is covered. The term is loosely used when referring to the uses for patio doors. Patio doors are widely used for many reasons in today’s homes. You may be needing a patio door replacement in Nashville, or you may be creating a completely new area of your home with patio doors. At Zen Windows of Nashville, we have patio doors that will suit your needs.

Springtime Tranquil Area

When spring arrives we feel excited to get past the harsh winter weather and ready to enjoy the nice weather. But with spring, comes rain. If you love to entertain outside, a perfect way to do so is to create a room with several sets of patio doors. Imagine what a perfect atmosphere you will be able to create by adding four times the viewing area to each exterior wall in your room. If you have a room with three walls that have access to outside, you might feel like you are sitting in a calming rainforest. You can’t ask for a more tranquil setting to entertain guests in. You can complete the look by adding transom windows above each door. Set a few ferns around and your guests will never want to leave.

Summertime Party Fun

Maybe summer is your favorite season to get together with your friends. A patio door replacement in Nashville is the perfect way to take the party outside. Whether you have a true patio or not doesn’t matter. Maybe you have an awesome deck to host that perfect summer party. The transition from your home to deck is made seamless by adding patio doors. The easily sliding patio doors from Zen Windows with double insulating Solar LowE glass systems will reduce the heat transfer and keep the area you are entertaining inside your home much more comfortable. So when you have that backyard party or back porch gathering, a set of patio doors will expand your entire entertaining area to include your home and yard.

Fall Al fresco Dining

If you love the feel of autumn and the falling leaves, you will love sitting around a crackling fire. There is nothing more fun than sitting around a fire roasting hot dogs on an autumn evening. You can give yourself access to your kitchen easily by adding patio doors. A true patio is great for this kind of intimate setting. A small paved area with easy access into your kitchen or dining area is true al fresco dining. It seems that even the simplest foods taste great when eaten al fresco. Just add a table with a pretty tablecloth to complete the look.


Sometimes, we cut back on the amount of time we spend entertaining due to the weather keeping us indoors. What better way to beat the weather than to give yourself a panoramic view of it. You can add a wall of patio doors to create an awesome view of the outside while staying toasty warm. You can have a party just to celebrate the weather. You might not always look forward to snowy weather in the winter, but when you have a wall of patio doors, you will hope for snow so that you can enjoy the spectacular view. At Zen Windows Nashville, you have a choice of double or triple panes of glass in your doors to better insulate your home, by keeping the cold outside where it belongs, and the warm inside where it belongs.

So, you now have ideas that might spark other ideas for spaces that you have been wanting to create to entertain in. At Zen Windows Nashville, we install superior patio doors at reasonable prices. We want to make your patio door replacement a stress-free project. We make it hassle-free so that you can get on to enjoying the season and entertaining your friends. So, call us or fill out our online form today, and we will help you make your patio door ideas a reality.

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