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Remodeling Isn’t Just for Interiors: Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, and More

grey home with new double hung windows

What happens when your home’s exterior needs a touchup?

Often, when we think of remodeling, we think of interior remodeling jobs: updating the kitchen or bathroom, adding a bedroom, or opening up the layout of the home. All these projects can improve your space certainly; but this isn’t the only kind of remodeling your Nashville home might need. In fact, sometimes a home exterior remodeling, such as replacement windows or entry doors, is even more critical than an interior remodeling.

Exterior remodeling can help to boost your home’s curb appeal, which is important always, but especially if you plan to sell some time in the foreseeable future. Exterior remodeling also tends to do more to seal your home and keep it both comfortable and energy efficient. There are many different types of exterior remodeling jobs you might need, each of which has their benefits, but at Zen Windows Nashville, we specialize in particular with replacement windows and doors.

Replacement Windows

Your windows are the eyes of your home: they help you see out and others see in. Fresh, well-maintained windows look open and inviting, sure to optimize your curb appeal. But if your windows are old, grimy, or simply not functional, it’s time to switch them out for replacement windows. Replacement windows can add smooth looks to your home and significantly boost your home value. However, there are also benefits to be enjoyed from the interior of your home: not just excellent outdoor views, but also energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency you receive from replacement windows depends on the kind of replacement windows you choose. People love the classic look of wood windows, but at the end of the day, they don’t stand up to the weather very well without constant maintenance. We recommend high quality vinyl windows. High quality vinyl is less expensive than wood and more efficient. With fusion-welded corners and super spacers between triple panes of Ultra-S glass, our Lotus windows add efficiency to your home — and they don’t slouch on style, either, with their sleek, contemporary appearance. We don’t call the Lotus window luxurious without good reason.

Replacement Doors

Windows might be the eyes of your home, but your entry door often makes the first impression. Entry doors are often painted in bold colors or given a stately, elegant design in order to wow visitors and potential buyers upon first sight. If your entry door is old and the paint is peeling, it probably isn’t making the impression you’d like. Weak entry doors are also bad news when it comes to your home security, as they’re too easy for burglars to break in. We recommend fiberglass or steel entry doors, or expert quality wood entry doors, to give you the right mixture of aesthetics and security.

Patio doors might not face the front of your house, but they can still make quite a difference as exterior renovations go. The right patio doors can flood light into the interior of your home, thus ensuring that you’re less dependent on your electrical lighting. They can make it easier to move freely between your indoor and outdoor space. In fact, sliding glass patio doors can even be a precursor to an interior remodeling project, as they free up more space in the room for you to use.

Don’t dismiss the importance — or the benefits — of exterior remodeling. Contact Zen Windows Nashville today for more information or a free quote.