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Replacement Windows with Grids or Without Grids?

duplex home with new windows installed

Do you like your windows with grids or without grids? Maybe you don’t even know what window grids are. Well, grids, also referred to as muntins or grilles, are the crisscross pattern that you see on many windows. Grids can make a huge difference in the look of your windows and can even change the feeling of your entire house. You can install windows with grids in Nashville for the most eye-catching look.

Many people shy away from grids because they think that grids make your windows more difficult to clean. Others don’t know about the many window grid options and how they can allow you to personalize your windows.

So, if you are undecided as to whether or not you like look of windows with grids or windows without grids, here are some facts about both that can help you decide.

Grids Between Glass Make For Easy Cleaning

Your window grids come with many customizable options. One is that you can choose to have the grids between two panes of glass. The grid is built right into the window and sandwiched between the two panes. This is a revolutionary idea that has changed the way many people feel about grids on their windows.

The GBG, or grids between glass, option makes cleaning your windows a breeze. You don’t have to worry about cleaning between each grid space. You just wipe the entire window surface quickly.

Gridless Windows Can Showcase A View

Many homeowners like the simple and unobstructed look of windows without grids. If the room that your windows are being installed in has a beautiful view that you want to show off, gridless windows are a good choice.

Grids Come In Many Designs

You have likely seen the standard and typical grid pattern that you often see on double hung windows. But you might not realize that grids come in many patterns and designs. There’s the standard design, called Colonial, and there’s the Half Colonial where the bottom glass is gridless. There are also other designs such as the Prairie and the Plaza. Having this variety of grid designs allows you to customize the look of your home and your windows to suit your own personal tastes.

Choosing Windows By Your Home’s Style

Colonial and Cape Cod style homes are often complemented by Colonial style grid windows as are ranch-style homes.  Craftsman style homes and modern home designs are both styles that can benefit from gridless windows. Many homeowners of the farmhouse style home choose gridless windows, as well.

Although these are common choices, you can decide what windows will look good on your home. You can achieve the look you want with or without grids and either can be a good option for any home. Grids can definitely make your home stand out, giving it curb appeal, while gridless windows can be the perfect touch for a home that already has a lot of visual detail and can really pull it all together.

Zen Windows Nashville can install a wide variety of window styles. You will enjoy our simple approach to the replacement window process and our fast and accurate, no-hassle quote. So, have you decided? Will it be windows with grids or windows without grids? Give us a call today. We’d love to know your answer.