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Should I Replace My Old Wood Windows With Vinyl Ones?

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There are many wonderful things about living in an older home. At Zen Windows of Nashville, we appreciate and enjoy the character that older homes have. There is a unique quality and an enduring charm that you find in older homes that cannot be captured in newer homes. There was an attention to detail and a simplicity that went into homes years ago that appeals to many homeowners in the market today. So if you are the proud owner of an older home, count yourself lucky.

Wooden Windows Of The Past

Although there are many perks to living in an older home, sometimes privilege doesn’t come without some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is often the windows and doors found in these homes in Nashville. Many older homes have wooden windows. These wooden windows were once thought of as an asset to the home, and homeowners were encouraged to restore them rather than replace them, but that is not the case anymore.

Wooden windows were considered more aesthetically appealing and could even raise the value of your home. Homeowners would go to great lengths (and even great expense) to keep their old wood windows. In the current market, though, wooden windows no longer have the draw that they once held.

Vinyl Windows Gain Popularity

As times change, so has the window industry. The vinyl windows available now are top-quality, energy-efficient, and beautiful. As more and more homeowners began to realize that vinyl windows would add so much value and beauty to their home, keeping your wood windows became less popular.

Disadvantages of Older Wood Windows

Older wood windows are terribly inefficient when it comes to keeping your home warm or cool. In order to make them more energy efficient, inconvenient storm windows must be added. This eliminates the option of opening your windows unless you first remove the storm windows. When your windows need to be repaired or replaced, you will also need to find a matching storm window for every window in your home and that is no easy task.

As windows age, they often become difficult to open and close easily and it may be hard to tell if they are even closed properly. This means that they will be drafty and easier for burglars to break into. Older windows are definitely a security issue when they become difficult to operate. The same issues can exist with the doors in your home in Nashville. If this is the case, you should also consider replacing them.

The Appeal of Vinyl Windows

These issues are what have forced homeowners to rethink their views on wooden windows. Vinyl replacement windows are now considered an upgrade and will add value to your home. The look of vinyl windows is so appealing that homeowners are finding that they actually don’t miss their wood windows and like their vinyl windows even better. Replacing your old wood windows with vinyl ones will make your windows functional and energy-efficient. You will find yourself enjoying their ease of operation and crystal clear viewing glass. The look of vinyl windows seamlessly and flawlessly blends with the design of older homes and is actually complementary to each and every room.

There is simply no reason to keep those old windows that are not adding value to your life any longer. More and more homeowners are finding that the switch to vinyl windows is one that they wish they would have made long before now. Their homes look beautiful and their windows require almost no maintenance.

Making The Switch

Zen Windows installs top-quality doors and vinyl replacement windows in Nashville that are energy-efficient and also come with an amazing warranty. We make the window and door buying experience so simple. If you’re ready to make the switch from wood to vinyl like so many others, go online or give us a call now!