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Simple Windows And Doors Create A Calm Home

large blue home with double hung and round top windows

If you have ever taken a day trip to the countryside surrounding Nashville, you will find a much simpler, laid back feel to the area than you might expect so close to such a busy city. If you love the simplicity that the hills of Tennessee give you, you can bring that same feeling home with you by adding a simple touch to your home with the right exterior windows and doors.

Look Inside

When you choose exterior windows and doors in Nashville, you must look at the interior of your home first. Don’t ignore the interior of your home by adding doors or windows that do not complement your style of decor. Your new windows and doors should add something to each room in your home. Windows can add more light and space to an area if you choose the right size and combinations that fit with the inside and outside of your home.

Keeping It Simple

There is a trend that is increasing each year. This trend is minimalism. Clean, uncluttered, open spaces are becoming more and more popular. When you create a home that has a simplistic interior design, you have created a space that lends itself to happiness, calmness and a feeling of contentedness. This simple design can be carried throughout your home to the exterior with your window and door choices.

Keep It Calm

Studies have shown that if you create clean, simple surroundings in your home, you will be calmer and less stressed. The way to keep with this simplicity for your windows and doors is to choose a more classic look for your windows. The three most popular types of windows when trying to keep with a simple look are a double hung window, a casement window, and a slider window. You can choose one style throughout your home or mix it up a bit.

Simple Styles

Double hung windows are the most popular windows on the market today. They have two operating sashes with one tilting in for easy cleaning. Casement windows open outward with a crank or lever and are attached to the frame by a hinge. Slider windows are somewhat like a double hung window except they operate horizontally. They slide on wheels on a track at the bottom of the window. Sliders come in two or three parts to give more window area. When choosing a simpler look in windows you will not want a window with grids.


When choosing an exterior door, keep it simple. A great way to do this is with patio doors. Patio doors add an entrance to the yard, deck, or patio that almost feels as though there isn’t any separation from the inside of your home to the outside. When choosing your entry door, look for a simple look without a lot of added detail if you’re going to accent the simplistic beauty of your home.

Choosing Window Colors

Usually, we associate white with a calmness, which is true, but cream and white both create a clean, calm look for the interior of your home. The color you choose for the exterior of your windows should blend well with your siding to give it a peaceful feeling when you pull into your driveway each day. Your entry door can be a color that you love that accents the siding and windows. When choosing your exterior colors remember that cool colors such as light blue and white are very calming, as are warm colors like sand and brown. 

No Stress

If you want to create a home that is a peaceful place to come home to each day, keep it simple. Add exterior doors and windows to that simple home in calming colors, and you have a tranquil environment. If you want to continue this stress-free feeling while choosing your doors and windows, Zen Windows Nashville is the company to call. At Zen Windows of Nashville, we have a no-stress window installation from start to finish. Start with our online quote and finish with relaxed installation done by expert installers that will treat you with calm respect. If you love calmness, you will love Zen Windows Nashville. So go online or give us a call today at 615-424-8102.