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Small Porch Style Points

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The idea of relaxing on a porch swing, sipping a cool drink, and chatting with friends is an undeniably appealing thought but not everyone has the large porch required to achieve this kind of dream. Many people have a very small porch space and so feel like creative and appealing decorating choices are simply unachievable. Although some creativity is required to maximize the value of a small porch, there are actually plenty of ways that you can enhance your small front, back, or side porch while still leaving the doors on Nashville homes accessible to visitors. Here are a few style points you can begin using to improve the appearance of your small porch.

Keep It Clean

A clean porch is an attractive one! Take time to sweep the steps and clear away the cobwebs. Your guests will feel much more welcome as they approach your door.

Cleanliness also extends to the decorative items you choose to place on the porch. Wreaths and other artificial flower arrangements will have to be periodically dusted to remove the grime that easily accumulates outdoors. Most artificial greenery and flowers need only be shaken a bit to improve their appearance; lightly spraying them with a hose and allowing them to air dry is another strategy.

Think Vertically

Long, low benches might be out of the question for your porch, but how about banners on a flagpole? Tall items and items arranged in a vertical configuration can maximize the available space while still leaving access to front and back doors in Nashville. Consider the vertical placement of:

• Strings of lights
• Garlands of greenery
• Banners and flags
• Signposts

Show Off Your Address

Adding large numbers or a decorative sign with your family’s name on it are nice ways of distinguishing your property from your neighbors’. The small numbers on mailboxes are often hard to see from the street; help your visitors find your home with large, attractive house numbers. These can be hung above your porch or mounted to the porch steps.

Your door can be another appealing visual feature of your home. If you are looking to give your door a facelift, contact Zen Windows in Nashville at 615-424-8102. You can also fill out an online quote form and we’ll get back to you by email!