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Start the New Year Off Right: Exterior Doors and Windows Maintenance Tips

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Make a priority to care for your exterior doors and windows in 2019.

A new year has come around, and with it a fresh start. Maybe you have new exterior doors and windows for your Nashville home, and you want to ensure that they stay in top condition. Maybe you want to revitalize your old windows and doors. Whatever the case may be, careful maintenance can go a long way when it comes to extending the life of your windows and doors. These tips can ensure that your doors and windows get the best care, as well as making things easy for you.

Don’t Forget the Frame

In fact, it’s a good idea to clean the window sill or track to patio doors before you start cleaning the surface itself. Otherwise, any dirt and debris could catch on the cloth and spread along the window. Take some time to vacuum dirt and debris away from window sills, tracks, or thresholds for entry doors. Once that’s done, you can more easily focus on wiping down the surface of your doors or windows, and it may help to keep the air fresh and clear in that area.

Take Care With Cleaning Solution

When it comes to windows and doors, you don’t want to use a cleaning solution that’s harsh, as this could wear down on the natural durability of the material. Simple dish soap and water with a soft cloth should do the trick. Make sure the cloth isn’t dripping wet, but damp. You may be able to find gentle cleaners that use natural ingredients rather than chemicals for a gentle, but still effective clean.

Clean Out the Corners

Window frames especially have rather tight corners, as do patio door tracks. These corners tend to attract dust and dirt and over time can be worn down by neglect, so make sure you clean these as well. When it comes to windows, you also want to make sure that any weep holes are cleaned. You can use a small bottle brush to clean out the space and ensure it doesn’t become blocked, causing potential water damage to your windows.

Switch to Vinyl

Different types of windows call for different levels of maintenance. Wood windows, for instance, require heavy maintenance and regular staining in order to stand up to the elements. Aluminum windows can be susceptible to rust and peeling paint. That’s the appeal of vinyl — it’s practically maintenance free. It resists swelling, warping, and fading, and it never needs to be repainted due to peeling paint. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, vinyl is a clear winner.

Want more tips on exterior door and window maintenance? Or are you interested in switching out your old windows for low maintenance vinyl windows? Contact Zen Windows Nashville today for a free quote.