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The Latest Trends in Patio Doors

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Looking for replacement patio doors? Here’s how to make sure they’re on trend.

Patio doors themselves are a trendy addition to your home, though one that never seems to go out of style. They can extend your living space and particularly your outdoor views. But there are certain trends that help you to optimize the benefits you enjoy with your patio doors. If you’re searching for replacement patio doors in Nashville, now is a great time to read up on some of those trends and make sure your patio doors wow your guests!

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

The ideal patio doors are the ones that almost make it feel like there’s no barrier between you and your outdoor space. The more glass, the wider your outdoor views and the airier your indoor space feels. For a while, floor-to-ceiling glass seemed like a sort of luxury, but these days, anyone can enjoy them. Sliding glass patio doors can be customized to be more fashionable than ever, and the view is something that simply can’t be beat.

Minimal Frames

If you look at contemporary design, you can see that minimalism is still very much in style. This can apply to patio doors. In addition to expansive glass panes, slim frames and minimal glass decoration are considered ideal. It allows for less interference in the view of your outdoor space. Of course, tastes do vary, so if this minimalism isn’t for you, talk to a contractor about different decorative style options that you can add to basic patio door designs. Vinyl patio doors tend to be popular because of their sleek, modern frames.

Outdoor Living Space

The first two trends are all about lessening the barrier between your indoor and outdoor space. The next trend is an obvious successor: amplifying your outdoor space. Many homeowners love to extend their living space by having their living room indoors and an outdoor living space on the other side of the patio door. Awnings, durable outdoor furniture, and a few well-placed potted plants can create an ideal patio space for enjoying coffee in the morning or stargazing with your friends in the evening. It’s perfect for those who like to entertain or simply want a more comfortable home, inside and out.

Trends for patio doors come and go, but patio doors themselves never seem to go out of style, especially sliding glass patio doors made with quality and energy efficiency like Zen’s Dharma patio door by Soft-Lite. Contact Zen Windows Nashville today for a free quote on a patio door of your own.