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The Most Energy Efficient Windows on The Market 2018

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Well, folks, The Energy Star Most Efficient Windows List for 2018 has been published and our windows have been named “Most Efficient” windows on the market for the fourth year in a row. This is important news if you are in the market for window replacement in Nashville, TN. Zen Windows Nashville doesn’t just install energy-efficient windows – we install THE most energy-efficient replacement windows. You can rest assured that the investment you are making for your home is one that will save you lots of money on your energy bills, and also keep your home more comfortable all year round.

As windows age, they can become drafty and less energy-efficient. Older windows, in general, are not as energy-efficient as the windows manufactured today. According to this article recently published by the Washington Post, “The hands-down most effective solution to solve energy-poor windows is to replace the windows themselves.” While you may think that sealing and insulating around the windows may help, the problem is usually not with the insulation around the window, but with the windows themselves. Energy-efficient windows are constructed completely differently than other windows from the start.

Double or Triple Panes

Most older windows are constructed of a single, thin layer of glass. When you place your hand close to a single pane of glass during a cold winter day, you will be able to feel the cold infiltrating right into your home through the glass. The same is true on a hot summer day as the sun’s warmth heats up your home.

When you choose double, or even triple pane windows, you are adding an extra layer of protection between the interior of your home and the harsh weather outdoors. This extra layer keeps out the cold and hot of extreme weather even better than single pane windows will.

Argon Gas Between The Layers of Glass

Between the layers of energy-efficient glass, you will find an additional, invisible barrier of protection that you probably didn’t even know was there. Our energy-efficient windows contain a layer of argon gas between the panes. This dense, non-toxic gas provides an excellent wall of insulation from the extreme temperature changes.

Low-E Glass

In addition to these amazing energy-efficient features of our windows, you will also find special glass. Low-E glass, as it is called, has a transparent coating that reflects the sun’s harmful rays while still allowing for a crystal clear glass to see through.

Precision Installation

Just as all of these components are vitally important to making the best energy-efficient window, so is the installation. If your windows are not installed correctly, they will no longer be energy-efficient. They will be energy-efficient windows installed into a drafty hole. At Zen Windows, we not only install the most energy-efficient window replacement in Nashville, TN, but our team of experts will make sure they are installed with precision fit, making them ultra-efficient. All of our windows also come with a true Double Lifetime Warranty that includes labor and materials. Contact us or go online today for your free, fast and accurate window quote.