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November 1, 2017
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Faulkner 37027 4 best replacement casement windows Nashville - Three Tips for a Cleaner BasementThe basement of a home can be one of the hardest places in the home to keep clean. No matter how tidy the rest of the house might be, the basement may exhibit years of clutter and other kinds of mess. The basement can be easy to overlook simply because it feels overwhelming to clean. Implementing these tips will help keep your basement a little cleaner. Simply wiping down your best replacement casement windows in Nashville will help the space look and feel cleaner, so take the time to make cleaning the basement a priority this season.

Think Before You Leave it Behind

Before you banish yet another box of stuff to the basement, take a second to think it over. Does that box actually belong in the basement or is there a better place for it? Do some things belong in the garage or in the backyard storage shed? Are some items better suited for the guest bathroom or the kids’ room? Basements often become catch-alls because people do not take a few minutes to organize their messes first. Minimizing the number of things left in the basement can actually help keep it cleaner, longer.

Pick a Single Box to Clean

Trying to take on the whole basement at once is probably too big a task to handle in one afternoon or even in a whole weekend. You can try organizing a box at a time and gradually clearing the space over a period of several weeks instead. Sort items into bins according to their destination; for instance:

  • Thrift store
  • Garage
  • Throw away
  • Yard sale
  • Kids’ stuff

As these bins fill up, empty them by taking the items to the correct destination.

Work With Expert Contractors

Still waiting around for that relative to finish the building project they said would be done last spring? Forget about unreliable contractors and call Zen Windows in Nashville for expert installation of replacement doors and windows. We handle every job promptly so you are not left with a mess. Call us today at 615-424-8102.

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