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Transparent Trends: 7 Window Design Ideas That Are Trending in 2019

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Surprisingly, it wasn’t until about 2,000 years ago when ancient Romans first made use of glass in their windows. And of course, only the wealthiest citizens could afford to install them.

Windows helped protect people from wild animals, the weather, and unfriendly neighbors. Today windows help us enjoy natural light and add to the overall design of our homes. 

Window design has evolved over the years. If you’re looking for window design ideas that are trending in 2019, keep reading. 

We’re sharing with you modern window designs to help make your home look its best

A Great Window Design Opens Up Your Home

Many people are choosing to push the boundaries of their windows, alls, and doors. Homeowners now want to open up their interiors to merge their inside space with their outdoor space. 

By minimizing interior walls while maximizing window walls, it provides for stunning and unobstructed views. These windows help get the conversation flowing when you have guests. 

This new window designs couples large windows with sliding or folding doors to further extend indoor living outside. And while this used to be only available as a luxury option, it’s now available in mainstream models. 

Energy Efficient Windows

The best window design includes using energy efficient windows. Many consumers now consider ENERGY STAR® certification to be an expected part of window design. 

Not only do energy efficient windows help keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in winter, in some states, but you may also be entitled to a tax incentive, credit or rebate. 

Entry Door Windows

One small window design worth looking at is placing windows next to your front door. A well-designed entryway not only makes a great first impression but it brings in extra light in a space that can otherwise seem dark. 

You can choose anything from transoms to sidelights. With entry door windows you’re not only setting the tone for the rest of the house, but you’re also adding extra views and architectural character. 

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are maintenance-free. They’ll also outlast metal and wood windows. Wood deteriorates while metal windows separate. 

Also, once vinyl windows are welded, they’re airtight. And they’re easy to operate. 

And vinyl windows will match any decor in your home thanks to a PVC coating technique. They’re available in nearly any color you want. 

You can also choose vinyl windows in various sizes and style options. They can even be custom made. 

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a newer option in window trends. They’re made from materials similar to bumper cars which makes fiberglass windows strong. They’re also more energy-efficient than vinyl and maintenance-free. 


Thanks to the way fiberglass windows are made, their window frames and sashes can be narrower and less bulky. This means it won’t compromise their ability to resist high winds. It also means more glass and less frame, allowing you a better view of the outside. 


And, they’re more eco-friendly since they use a high percentage of recycled glass. Fiberglass is affordable and you can paint them whatever color you’d like. 

These windows aren’t affected by water or temperature fluctuations. You can even get custom sizes with durable UV-blocking coatings.


Bay Windows

Bay Windows provide an amazing amount of natural light. You’ll also enjoy stunning views with connections between indoors and outdoors. 

Bay windows also are the perfect place to install windows seats to make for a cozy alcove. And bay windows are perfect if you’re looking to add extra floor space and storage to your home. 

Skylights and High Windows

One of the best window design ideas is to add a skylight, transom or high window to your home. It’s a great way to add extra natural light without feeling as though your neighbors can see into your home. 

You also won’t sacrifice any storage or wall space by adding in these types of windows. Even better, you can use a skylight for a better view of the sky and treetops. 

If your windows are operational, they also provide another source of ventilation while still keeping your home safe from potential invaders. And, you can always use your skylight to show off your ceiling’s pitch. 

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are the perfect accessory if your home’s exterior has an expansive block of roofing. Dormer windows help to balance the exterior elements of your home. 

They also help break up the roofing and brings attention to the areas of the facade you’d like to highlight. But dormer windows also benefit the inside of your home.

You can use them to add more light and height inside your home. 

Stained Glass

Stained glass isn’t just for religious dwellings such as churches and synagogues. You can also use stained glass in your home to bring color and character.

It’s the perfect addition to a room that’s neutral and could use additional lighting. If you’re a modernist who loves historical resonance, this is a perfect way to add the perfect conversation piece to your home.  

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows typically are located below one roof and above another. And they’re multi-functional. 

They’re perfect for adding light into your home without compromising your wall space or your privacy. These windows also help to define roof lines and highlight parts of your ceiling or other architectural details. 

Unusual Window Shapes

While in the past, windows have tended to either be rectangular or round, modern window designs now allow for every shape and size window imaginable. Everything from circles to squares and from keyholes to arches is now in vogue. 

And similar to stained glass windows, unusually shaped windows are both works of art and can be matched perfectly to any historical style. Use unusual window shapes to emphasize details and repeat themes. 

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