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What Your Windows Are Saying About You

new home with windows that have grids

Did you know that the windows in your home say a lot about you? Different windows in Nashville, TN speak different stories about the homes here and the people who live in them. Your windows can reflect your desire for connection with the world or your desire for privacy. They can reflect a love of nature or beauty or a bold sense of self-expression.


One type of window that you see here a lot is the double hung windows.

Double hung windows can speak of a classic look with lots of opportunity for personalization.

Casement windows can speak of a simple, streamline feeling. They compliment a modern look and showcase a view well.

Awning windows can speak of privacy and fresh air. They are popular in temperate climates where temperatures vary less. In these areas the temperature may only need to be adjusted slightly which can easily be accomplished by opening an awning window up a little.

Bay windows can tell of a quiet reading nook or a desire to draw one’s eye to the outdoors. They are unique in the fact that they offer a design element to both the outdoor and indoor space in a special way.

Bow windows make a visually stunning statement. They are often used when a window is intended to be the focal point of the room or even exterior of the home.

Round top windows can speak of a bold, attention to detail. They are a good addition to a room where you want a smaller window that allows a lot of light in. They are a great investment, too, because they add value to your home.


Windows speak different things to different people but what do your windows speak about you?

What story do your windows tell? Do they tell of your past and no longer reflect who you are today? Your house should reflect what you want in your future and how you feel today. What inspires you today? Do you love light? Do you love fresh air? Do you love things of beauty?


The question is not so much what your windows are saying but rather what do you want them to say. What would replacement windows say about you? Zen Windows installs beautiful replacement windows for homeowners in Nashville and all surrounding areas; windows that can tell the world about you.

Open up to the possibilities. Zen Window of Nashville can help you show others who you are and what you are all about. People often make all kinds of decisions about us by our home before they ever meet us or get to know us. Every home speaks. Is your speaking the truth about you?

If you aren’t satisfied with the story that your current windows are telling and you want to make sure that each one expresses who you are, contact Zen Windows in Nashville today. We have a wide selection of energy efficient products that will help your home tell your story; call us today at 615-424-8102.