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What’s the Difference Between Garden Windows and Bay Windows?

large picture windows in modern living room

If you’re looking to add some character and charm to your home, both bay windows and garden windows are wonderful choices for replacement windows in Nashville, TN. They both offer the unique design element of beauty to both the interior and the exterior of your home at the same time. This is not something that all windows can boast.


Some of the similarities between the bay windows and the garden windows are obvious. They are both larger windows that extend beyond the exterior of your home and enlarge the space of the room that they are in. Both of them consist of several window panes together as a set to form one window.

Incredible Natural Light

If you’re looking to add tons of beautiful, natural light to any room,  both the bay window and the garden window are excellent choices. These windows will flood the room with light because they are both made of multiple panes of glass angles in different directions to catch light from every perspective.

Showcasing The View or Connecting With The Outdoors

Both of these windows extend outward drawing you to them and to the view they showcase. If you have a view to show off and enjoy, these are the perfect windows to frame it. Even if you don’t have a view, these windows are both good choices if your desire is to add a connection to the outdoors or draw the outdoors in. If there is an area of your home that you just don’t know what to do with, adding a bay window or a garden window can bring it to life.

The Difference in Style

One of the main differences between garden and bay windows is in the angle at which they are each constructed. Bay windows are angled out at a 25-45 degree angle while garden windows are angled at 90 degrees. Bay windows are typically used as a focal point in the living room or dining room. Garden windows are usually installed in kitchens. They are a classic box shape and come in definite and typical sixes. Bay windows are more customizable and can come in very large sizes.

The Difference in Purpose

The main difference in these two choices for replacement windows is the purpose for which you intend to use the windows. Garden windows, as the name suggests, are ideally used for growing plants in. They have a ledge for plants to be placed on and they let in a lot of light so the plants grow quite well there. So if your desire is to bring a little of the outdoors inside, a garden window is the perfect  choice.

If your desire is to create a quiet reading nook or a pleasant place to sit by the window and enjoy the outdoors, a bay window is just the ticket. Bay windows create an atmosphere like no other and are very popular.

Both the bay window and the garden window have huge benefits and can be a wonderful addition to your home. Zen Windows of Nashville can customize and install your bay window or garden window today.