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Why Window Replacement Isn’t a DIY Job

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You probably grew up hearing the phrase “Don’t try this at home” before watching a professional try some apparently risky venture on TV. Today, however, there seems to be the idea that you can learn to do anything with a quick YouTube tutorial and the right tools. If you look for it, you can find information about DIY window replacement and feel as though you have a handle on the task. However, most home improvement experts recommend you avoid it.

Window replacement is harder than it looks, and there are risks involved that can easily escape the untrained eye. If you need a window replacement done in Nashville, TN, don’t try to go it alone. Hire a professional window replacement company.

Potential Pitfalls

In any project, you should always make room for potential drawbacks and obstacles. A conscientious homeowner will be able to think of some of the problems that could arise during their DIY window installation, but unless they’re a professional window installer themselves, they simply won’t be able to think of everything. If your measurements are just slightly off, it can impact the insulation and energy efficiency of your home. If the glass breaks, you could injure yourself and, at the very least, will need to purchase a new replacement window. Potential pitfalls range from lacking the needed tools to depreciation to voided warranties. A window replacement pro knows how to look out for all of these issues and more, because they see this every day.

The Cost of Damage

Even in professional window replacement, there’s always a chance that an accident might happen, causing damage or injury. However, there’s a big difference between damage or injury on a professional project and damage or injury during a DIY project. If you hire a professional, they’ll probably have the proper insurance to cover the damage without any liability to you — though you should always make sure by asking about their insurance plans first. However, there are no such protections for DIY homeowners. If you break the window or damage your wall during installation, it’s your burden to repair it. If you hurt yourself during the job, you’re the only one who can be liable.

Energy Efficiency

Your windows don’t just offer you a pretty view. They also have an impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Through their insulation, they keep heat from escaping and causing drafts. They keep your energy bills and your environmental impact low. And energy efficient window innovations are being released every day. When you hire a professional window replacement contractor, they can direct you to the most energy efficient window options available. However, even if you choose the most energy efficient windows on the market for your DIY job, the slightest maladjustment can cause you to lose all those benefits before you ever enjoy them. If the measurements are even a little bit off, you’ll create leaks or possible pressure cracks in the glass. Either way, you’re not enjoying the energy efficient benefits you should.

Hiring a window replacement professional in Nashville shouldn’t be a challenge. At Zen Windows Nashville, we can offer you a free fast and accurate quote right over the phone. We’ll never use high pressure sales tactics to push you to hiring us quickly. We’ll just stand by our excellent product and quality of service. Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free quote.