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Why You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors Together

assortment of vinyl replacement windows and doors

Which comes first, the windows or the doors? Why not both together?

A new year is here and there’s a chance that on your New Year’s resolutions you have a few home improvements to take care of. Maybe among those are window and door replacements for your Nashville home. Now it’s just a matter of when to start. You can find a window contractor and a door contractor at two separate times and spread out the work throughout the year — or you can get it all over with at the same time. Here are a few reasons we suggest having your windows and doors replaced together.

Cohesive Aesthetics

Your windows and doors are a big part of your Nashville home’s curb appeal. Windows are the eyes of your home and your entry doors often make one of the first impressions. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your curb appeal, why not get your windows and doors from the same place so as to have a more cohesive aesthetic? Consider the combination of sleek vinyl windows and fiberglass entry doors from ProVia or Therma-Tru, or ask your window and door contractor for their recommendation of windows and doors best go together.

Better Insulation

Both old windows and old doors can lead to issues with air leakage and heat loss, which can make your home feel drafty and uncomfortable this time of year. If you replace your windows but not your doors or vice versa, you only solve half the problem, and you’ll have to wait until both projects are completed to enjoy the full benefits of energy efficiency. If you have both projects done together and sooner rather than later, you can start enjoying a tighter seal and better energy efficiency immediately.

Save Time and Money

Simply put, having both your windows and doors replaced at the same time is easier for you. Because you already have the installation crew out to replace one, it’s much more convenient to have them replace the other than to finish the job only to go through the whole process of scheduling and working all over again. And it saves more than time. If the installation crew can do both projects together, that will save you money overall on installation, because it will take the crew less time. And of course, as referenced above, you’ll save on your energy bills by having both replaced together.

At Zen Windows Nashville, we’re happy to replace your windows and doors together, whether entry doors or sliding glass patio doors. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.