Our Financing

You shouldn’t have to settle for a project that’s anything less than EXACTLY what you want. Our company’s financing allows Nashville homeowners to get the replacement windows or doors they want… while keeping the monthly payments affordable.

Our financing comes through GreenSky, America’s leading financing program for the home improvement industry. The financing process can be done entirely online, and you can get a credit decision almost immediately.

Here are the types of financing we offer:

12 Months Same As Cash

Twelve Months Same As Cash allows you to pay for your project over a 12 month period with no interest. How you’d like to break down the monthly payments is your choice. If your project is $5,000, you could pay $416.67 per month for 12 months. Alternatively, you could pay a larger sum up front or at the end, and make smaller monthly payments during the rest of the loan. For example, you could pay 1,500 for one month and $318.18 for the remaining 11 months. The choice is yours.

(Note: If the loan is not paid in full after 12 months, interest accumulates on the entirety of said loan.)

Low APR For 84 Months

If you would prefer a standard loan with a low APR, we offer a program with 9.99% APR over the life of the loan with up to 84 payments. Payments are usually around 2% of the loan (ex. $5,000.00 loan = $100.00 monthly payment). No pre-payment penalties exist with this program. So if you have extra money at any point during the loan, you can pay off the entire balance with no penalty.

Remember: You are under no obligation to accept the financing if you decide you don’t want it. So applying is risk free. We do, however, recommend that you explore your financing options to learn more about the different payment possibilities for your project.