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Double-Hung Window Gallery

Timeless Tradition in Nashville

The mark of an outstanding design is a style that transcends fashion trends and is timeless. That’s exactly what Zen double-hung windows are for every home. That’s also why double-hung windows are America’s first choice for any style of home. Double-hung windows offer beautiful form and function for every home.

Zen Windows Nashville has many attractive, durable window styles, including double-hung windows. If you currently have single-hung windows, we’d like to share the advantages of upgrading.

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

The biggest difference between double-hung and other types of windows is operation. Double-hung windows are set in a single frame and have top and bottom sashes. The two sashes allow for simultaneous movement and ventilation.

Double-hung windows will provide maximum air circulation for any room. If you open both sashes, fresh air will flow through the bottom, and indoor “stale” air will be directed outdoors. Open the bottom sash alone for more direct ventilation. Or open the top sash only for indirect, fresh airflow.

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The Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

Air circulation has become more important as we become more conscious of the need for good indoor air quality. In addition to better ventilation, another reason more homeowners choose Zen Windows Nashville double-hung windows is they are easy to clean. The sashes tilt inwards so you can clean the “outside” windowpanes while you’re inside your home. This makes maintenance and cleaning second-story windows a breeze.

The two locks on double-hung windows provide added security. This makes them a safer option than single-hung windows. And with more colors, styles, and durable materials from which to choose, double-hung windows offer you a world of possibilities!

Better IAQ, easier care, double the security … What’s not to love about Zen double-hung windows? Call Zen Windows Nashville, 615-424-8102 or contact us for more information.

Our Selection of Double-Hung Replacement Windows

You can see for yourself how Zen double-hung windows are a terrific replacement choice for your Nashville or Davidson County home! Size options are:

  • 24″ x 36″
  • 24″ x 46″
  • 28″ x 66″
  • 28″ x 70″
  • 34″ x 46″
  • 34″ x 62″

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Why Choose Zen Windows Nashville?

We have durable, attractive replacement windows that come with a lifetime warranty. We don’t request money upfront or a “down payment” before we begin your project. You pay when the job is complete.

Those are big benefits, but possibly the most valuable advantage to Zen Windows Nashville vs. other companies is convenience. Thanks to technology, getting a Zen Windows Nashville quote for your door or window project is hassle-free. We don’t need to visit your home.

A Zen Windows Nashville quote is as easy as one-two-three:

  1. You request a quote, then provide a little information about your home and the window or door project you’re considering this year.
  2. We call you to discuss project details. We’ll talk about types of windows and doors and explain materials and installation options.
  3. Within one business day, you have your quote. There won’t be any surprises or attempts to charge you more money. And because we’ve taken the time to discuss your options, you can make a knowledgeable decision.

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