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Golden Rules

Use These Guidelines For A Relaxed Buying Experience & Superior Results

ALWAYS Deal With The Company Owner. 

The owner will always be with the company and will care the most about you. They have everything to lose if everything isn’t done right, so you are ensured 100% accountability for your project (rare in this industry!).

NEVER Give A Contractor A Down Payment. Ever. 

Thriving, well-managed Nashville window companies will not ask homeowners for money up front. They don’t need you to foot the bill for the materials, nor would they make you pre-pay for services rendered.

ONLY Hire A Window Company With A Great Reputation. 

Salespeople will tell you what they think you want to hear; past customer will tell you what you need to hear. Great online reviews and high ratings on Angie’s List, Houzz, and other consumer-feedback websites tell you more about a window company than a sales pitch ever could.

DO NOT Shop On Price Alone.

To be blunt, those advertised sub-$200 windows some companies advertise are awful. They provide poor energy efficiency, unpleasant aesthetics, and the structural integrity of a wet noodle. Their installation crews can also be substandard; many companies hire inexperienced day laborers and pay them a low wage per installed window (leading to rush jobs and poor overall quality). You are hiring a company to tear holes in your home—do it once and use the best products and installers available. That said, make sure you don’t OVERPAY for replacement windows, either. Visit our Window Comparison page for info about what quality replacement windows cost.

ENJOY The Process. 

Don’t let any window company in Nashville dictate the terms or bully you into a buying decision. Go with a company that focuses on providing you with a pleasant, relaxed, pressure-free experience.

At Zen Windows Nashville, We Practice What We Preach.

By following the Golden Rules above, you are ensured a quality window replacement experience. We’d know—our unique, customer-focused processes adhere to ALL of these rules.

For proof, Get A Quote today. From the first time you contact us, you’ll see that we’re a different kind of Nashville window company—one that committed to providing you with an amazing project experience.

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