A Revolutionary Patio Door…

For your home in Nashville, Hendersonville or Murfreesboro, TN 

Reasonably Priced & Lifetime Guaranteed. 


Nashville homeowners who need new patio doors LOVE Zen Windows. And we provide pressure-free quotes over the phone on some of the best-reviewed patio doors on the market, it’s easy to see why.

Our exclusive Dharma sliding patio doors are handcrafted for aesthetics, performance, energy efficiency, and durability. They provide absolutely everything you’re looking for in a patio door—and at a great investment.

What’s more, you get superior new patio doors with none of the typical hassles. There’s no in-home meeting, no sales pressure, and no pricing games. We’ve designed our processes with YOU, the homeowner in mind.

5 Reasons Zen Windows Nashville
Patio Doors Are BETTER…

  1. Enhance Your Home’s Looks

One of the main reasons homeowners choose new patio doors from Zen Windows Nashville is CURB APPEAL. Our patio doors have an elegant, slim style (without sacrificing strength) that allows for more viewing area through the glass. Compare this to many patio doors, which often have a “boxy” appearance that looks outdated and obstructs outdoor views. You won’t find the same advanced features that come standard on our doors at any big-box store!

Dharma Patio Door Features:

  • Beautiful grid options that are inside the glass panels offer elegance without the maintenance.
  • Stunning decorative glass options, including leaded and etched glass designs.
  • 3 standard colors (Soft-White™, Beige, and Brown) and 16 PVC exterior color bond options.
  • 4 interior wood grains (Light Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry).
  • 8 different designer handles, including Nickel, Brass, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
  • Choose from a fiberglass screen or a BetterVue™ screen, which provides better protection from insects while offering larger views of the outdoors.
  1. Peak Energy Efficiency

The air-infiltration rate of our patio doors is more than five times better than the industry standard, making it the most airtight patio door on the market. Our patio doors come double and triple paned with the highest-rated insulating glass (the same glass that’s in our ultra-efficient windows) to exceed Energy Star requirements. UltraSmart™ triple-fin weather stripping protects against drafts, dust, and pollen , as well as reduces your energy costs.

Because of several advanced design features, our patio doors also  block more than 75% of both the incoming solar energy and outgoing thermal energy they’re exposed to. What does that mean for you? Your home will be a comfortable temperature all year round.


  1. Keep Your Family Safe

Are you tired of the old stick-in-the-track trick to keep your current patio doors “locked”? Our patio door’s stainless steel multi-point locking system securely locks the door into the jamb and makes it impossible to lift the door from the outside to unlock it. An optional toe-bolt or thumb-bolt provides a third locking point for added security. A key lock also allows you to lock and unlock our patio door from the outside.

In addition to these security features, our patio door is made with double-strength glass, ultra-stout screen frames, hurricane-rated options, and the strongest materials on the market. Bottom line: When it comes to our patio doors, would-be-intruders have more than met their match.

  1. Unequaled Operation

A heavy-duty, corrosive-resistant ball-bearing roller system ensures a lifetime of smooth gliding. An extra-strength screen frame prevents weather damage that can affect the operation of the screen. A stout aluminum-capped threshold withstands foot traffic for decades with bare-minimum wear and tear. Metal reinforcement in all vertical sash stiles adds further strength and durability. This adds up to a patio door that’s custom-crafted to ENDURE through the years and years of vigorous use.

  1. Elite Installation

Our installers are established home improvement veterans with a true passion for the craft. They firmly adhere to manufacturer specifications to ensure the tightest, most efficient installation. To guarantee you an excellent outcome, we don’t require a dime until the project is done to YOUR satisfaction.

After the job, we protect your project with our industry-leading Double Lifetime Warranty. It covers EVERYTHING: frame, glass, screen, installation, and trip charges. Our warranty is free from typical loopholes, exclusions, and pro-rating. You’re protected—PERIOD. And should you sell your home, our warranty transfers 100% intact to the next owner (hence the “Double”!).

Get A 5-Minute Quote

Visit our Get A Quote page for a quick and accurate estimate on replacement patio doors in Nashville. All of our quotes are done over the phone and the internet, and are personally handled by Owner Brad Alexander. No in-home appointment is necessary, and no sales pressure whatsoever will be applied at any point in the process. Guaranteed.

If you’re still shopping around and have questions, you can also contact us. We’d be happy to provide you with more information.