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Zen Windows has eliminated everything Mt. Juliet homeowners find stressful about shopping for replacement windows:

  • No more high-pressure sales tactics.
  • No more long-winded sales presentations.
  • No pricing games or hidden fees – the quote is what you pay, not a penny more!
  • No deposits – you pay only when the job is complete.

In other words, we’re not the typical window contractor – we’ve designed the most relaxed experience in Mt. Juliet window replacement. Contact us for a free quote.

Here’s How the Zen Process Works

Here, step-by-step, is how simple we make getting a window replacement quote in Mt. Juliet:

It starts with you reaching out to us. You have a choice to contact us online or call us. It only takes a few minutes to give us information about your home. We’ll also ask a few questions to make sure we are matching you with the right windows.

Once we have the information, we’ll calculate the quote and email it to you within one business day. The quote is not a guess – we guarantee its accuracy to the penny. No phony discounts, no “bait-and-switch,” and no “$189-window” claims.

Then you can decide on your own time, in your own way, if Zen Windows is the right company for you. No hassles and no stress.

No Deposits – Pay Only When the Job Is Done.

Speaking of no stress, we also don’t take deposits. You’ll never have to worry that we’ll take your money and then do less than we promised. We’re 100% accountable to you because we’re not getting paid a single dime until we get the job done right.

If you’re interested in a payment plan, we recommend asking us about our financing options. We have choices, and it can be a great way to make your project even more budget-friendly.

To discover more about Zen Windows, visit our Why Choose Us page.


Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

Can home windows be repaired?

Sometimes. But the cost of repair is usually very close to the cost of window replacement. Where you live in the U.S. is always a factor. Materials and labor vary within regions, but the price of a window repair for 2021 is typically between $99 and $575.

Should I replace all my windows at once?

If money is tight, replace the one broken window. We have vinyl replacement windows between $450 and $600 per window (including installation.) But if you are able to explore financing options, replacing all windows at the same time is a good investment. Your property value increase will cover approximately 70% of your replacement window expenses.

What are the best windows to put in your house?

It’s hard to beat vinyl replacement windows. You can choose from a variety of colors and wood-grain finishes. And because energy efficiency is a big consideration, look for an ENERGY STAR® rating and a low heat loss (U-factor) on the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council®) label. Other ratings include how much sunlight the glass allows, how much heat enters your home, and how much air leakage your replacement windows may have.

If there’s no NFRC and/or ENERGY STAR label, you may be looking at poorly manufactured windows. You can save up to $349/year on your Mt. Juliet heating and cooling bills with Zen Windows.

Our window styles include:

  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double-hung
  • Garden
  • Hopper
  • Picture
  • Round-top
  • Slider

…and other specialized shapes and customized designs are available.

What’s the average cost to replace windows in a home?

Materials and labor vary throughout Tennessee and a lot depends on the condition of your current window frames. A window replacement can cost between $175 and $700/window. High-end windows can cost between $800 and $1,200.

Tennesee homeowners won’t find the kind of customer experience they deserve anywhere but Zen Windows Nashville. We have affordable replacement windows for every taste and architectural style. Call 615-424-8102 or contact us to learn how the Zen difference will increase the value of your Mount Juliet home.

What Our Customers Say…

“Zen Windows was by far the most responsive, trustworthy, and cost-effective vendor for quality window replacement of the four vendors who bid. [Owner] Brad worked tirelessly to help me find the right materials at the right cost to complete the long-needed update of our 25-year-old home. He never asked for money upfront—no money was paid until all the work was done and approved by us. We couldn’t ask for a better experience, and we’re so glad we chose Zen.”
— Ken R.

“After much research we chose ZEN to replace our windows. Brad and his team did a tremendous job, were very professional, responsive, and reliable. The quality of the product meets and exceeds our expectations and the cost proved to be a great value. The installation was on schedule and went as promised. I would recommend ZEN to anyone looking for quality and value backed by a great warranty and professional people.”
— Bill H.

“I hated high pressure sales from window companies and Zen Windows was a breath of fresh air. I never felt pressured by Brad and this process was so simple. His crew showed up today and literally didn’t stop working until the job was complete. They were clean and courteous. Do yourself a favor and use Zen Windows for your window replacement job.”
— Paige F.

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