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January 4, 2019
Nashville Home Upgrades

Home Upgrades That Pay Off With Curb Appeal and Home Value

This year, give your Nashville home the curb appeal it deserves with these upgrades. Rarely do homeowners make upgrades to their home simply for the sake of change. Of course, they might want an aesthetic upgrade simply because they’re tired of looking at the same walls or rooms for years on end. In most cases, however, the point of an […]
September 21, 2018
Replacement Patio Doors Nashville

The Latest Trends in Patio Doors

Looking for replacement patio doors? Here’s how to make sure they’re on trend. Patio doors themselves are a trendy addition to your home, though one that never seems to go out of style. They can extend your living space and particularly your outdoor views. But there are certain trends that help you to optimize the benefits you enjoy with your […]
June 21, 2018
Replacement Windows Nashville

Making Smaller Homes Seem Larger With Replacement Windows

In recent years, there has been a tiny house movement across America. The reasons people want a little house vary from wanting to travel, to downsizing their lives. Most people would rather not live in a tiny home, but you can take a few helpful ideas from these small houses. These small structures are built for functionality and usually have […]
May 9, 2018
Patio Doors | Zen Windows

Patio Door Ideas For All Seasons

Patios Are Not What They Used To Be The definition in the dictionary that is given for patio is “a paved outdoor space that adjoins a house, usually used for dining.” It also says that in some countries, the area is covered. The term is loosely used when referring to the uses for patio doors. Patio doors are widely used […]