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We’re A Different Kind Of Nashville Window & Door Company… And That’s Exactly Why You’ll Love Us


High pressure. Inconvenient in-home sales pitches. Second-rate installation. Bait-and-switch tactics. Salesmen who call you to say they “got the boss’ permission” to drop the price of your project when they don’t hear from you after the sales appointment. These are just a few problems Nashville homeowners experience when a “$189-window” company replaces their windows.

It’s not surprising. Contractors (including window companies) are on the Better Business Bureau’s “Most Complained About” list every year, without fail. Right up there with lawyers, collection agencies, and used car salesmen.

At Zen Windows Nashville, we’ve turned the typically stressful window-buying experience on its head. High-pressure in-home sales meetings, shoddy installation, lifetime warranties that are anything but, and substandard products are out. Easy online quotes, expert craftsmanship, honesty, integrity, and top-quality windows are in.

Literally everything we do is designed to make your experience easy and pleasant. Here’s  how…


Zero-Hassle Online Window & Door Quotes

We have the easiest quote process of any replacement window company in Nashville:

  1. Click here or call us and take a few minutes to provide a little information about your home.
  2. We discuss the details of your project to determine the right products for your needs.
  3. After that, we calculate the cost of your project and contact you with a 100% accurate quote within one business day. We also provide further information about our windows to allow you to make an educated decision.

It’s that simple. We don’t pressure you, and we don’t require you to take time out of your schedule for an in-home appointment that both you and your spouse must attend (unless you’d like us to come to your home—we’re very accommodating and do not require all parties to be present for an in-home quote).


Experienced, Involved Owner

Zen’s Golden Rule #1 is “Always deal with the owner of the company.” Zen Windows Nashville Owner Brad Alexander is involved in your project every step of the way. He uses his 30+ years of experience in construction to help you choose the right windows and doors, schedule your project so it’s done on time, and ensure the installation is the absolute best it can be.

When it comes to owner involvement, Brad says, “I suggest that, no matter who does your project, you get the owner’s personal phone number. This may not be as important when buying windows, but it is imperative during the installation. After all, if something goes wrong, would you rather talk to a secretary, a carpenter, or the owner? Bottom line: The buck stops with me.”

Welcome to true owner accountability.

No Upfront Deposit

One of the most outdated industry standards is making a customer pay a nonrefundable down payment—typically 10% to 50% of the total cost. That’s a significant amount of money to spend—and a lot of unneeded stress for you to carry—when nothing has been done. Any company worth employing should not need your money upfront to finance your job.

Think about it. You are giving that money to a total stranger. Questions like “Will I ever see them again?” and “Will they actually order my windows?” are natural because so many homeowners have been burned before. The only way for you to be in control of your job is to pay at the end, when YOU are happy.

We believe a contractor must EARN a homeowner’s trust (and money). The truth is we do great work, and requiring no money down is one of the best ways to prove it to you.


Value Pricing

You can ALWAYS find a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who will install your windows for dirt cheap. But when you’re replacing your windows, the last thing you want to do is go cheap.

At Zen Windows, we don’t sell the cheapest window… we sell the best window for the money! We’re a professional window company that provides unmatched quality for the price. Our business model provides the best windows, best installation, and the industry’s leading warranty for the least money when shopped against a comparable product.  

Sure, those $189 window companies will always be less expensive because they sell a builder-grade window that they get from a big-box store. But here’s the thing: Your existing windows are being replaced because they’re builder grade.

Here are a few ways we deliver quality at an unbeatable value:

  • We have no salespeople on payroll. You’ll work directly with the Zen Windows Nashville Owner, Brad Alexander, who will guide you to the right products for your project and answer all your questions in a straightforward manner.
  • We don’t have a costly showroom to pay for; we provide comprehensive virtual demonstrations of all our products.
  • Our premium-quality windows are manufactured by Soft-Lite exclusively for our company in Ohio and shipped in weekly. There is no middleman (the big box stores) markup, so you get the best prices.

But don’t just take our word that we’re the best value—shop around and see for yourself. We encourage potential clients to call other window companies like American Home Design, Renewal by Andersen, Pella, and Champion. We want you to be educated in the kind of value these companies provide. We’ll be right here if you have questions or decide to move forward.


Expert Window Installation

Our installation crews have decades of combined experience. You won’t find any “newbies” or inexperienced day laborers installing your windows or doors. Our veteran craftsmen hold themselves to the highest standards and take the time to do the job right. We also repair any underlying issues to your windows or doors (water damage, for example) to ensure the ENTIRE project area is done correctly.

In addition, ALL we do is windows and doors. The “one-man shows” take on all kinds of different projects. They could be siding a home one day, replacing a roof the next day, and installing windows the day after that. They simply don’t possess the experience and dedication to ensure EXPERT window and door installation. Since our focus is completely on windows and doors, however, we’ve honed and mastered installation for both.

Lastly, our installers are family-oriented people who treat everyone with respect and common courtesy. Though having strangers work in your home can often be awkward, our installers create a comfortable environment for our customers. You’ll love how relaxed and fast your installation experience will be.

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