Awning Windows in Nashville, TN

Whether you’re searching for a window upgrade due to the need for increased functionality, heightened aesthetics, or both, awning windows from Zen Windows Nashville may be just what you’re looking for. These windows feature unique aspects you can’t find in many other choices and offer a slew of benefits anyone can enjoy. We’ve laid out the features of awning windows below for you to familiarize yourself with, so when the time comes to decide on which window option is right for you, you will have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision.

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What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows open out from the bottom and are hinged from the top, making them perfect for space-saving. They’re different from casement windows, as casement windows are larger and hinged on the side, often rendering them impractical for tight spaces. Awning windows are perfect for your Nashville home because they can catch the light when the sun’s out or shield you and your home when the rain won’t let up.

Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

One of the biggest benefits of awning windows is their space-saving nature. Because they open outward, you don’t have to deal with keeping the surrounding interior area free from obstructions. Additionally, their outward opening design allows you to leave your windows open during varying types of weather, as things like rain can easily run down away from the sashes and won’t enter your home. They also increase the presence of natural light and ventilation inside your home, and their smaller size results in a more affordable price than their counterparts.

While the pros of awning windows outweigh the cons, some drawbacks should be considered before having them installed. Awning windows may not require unobstructed indoor space, but that means they do need outdoor space. If your windows look out on walkways or outdoor appliances, consider whether the window will be too intrusive. Awning windows also require more cleaning.

Where You Should Put Awning Windows in Your Home

Awning windows are ideal for first-floor bathrooms and basements. They work well in tight spaces — such as above kitchen sinks and countertops — as they open outward. They can be placed above other windows to increase ventilation, natural lighting, and curb appeal. Furthermore, due to their smaller size, they are ideal for spaces where privacy is desired!

Why Choose Zen Windows Nashville?

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