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Awning Windows in Nashville, TN

Although Nashville gets its fair share of rain, that doesn’t mean you have to shut your windows tight during a shower. Awning windows can be left open while it’s raining without the threat of rainwater entering your home because they’re configured to only open to a fixed degree.

Just as the name suggests, they create an awning effect and are equipped with a high-quality and high-performance locking system.

If you want the best, energy-efficient, custom awning windows for your Nashville home, Zen Windows Nashville can answer any questions and help you start your next window project.

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What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows open outward from the bottom with a simple crank and are hinged at the top. For an extra layer of protection to keep pests out, our expert installation team can also install a screen on the inside.

Awning windows offer the same beauty, operation, visibility, and security as casement windows but with a different orientation. They fit well in tight spaces, can catch the light when the sun’s out, and shield your home from moisture and rain.

What Are the Benefits of Awning Windows?

The elegant styling of awning windows enhances your Nashville home’s style and curb appeal. The many advantages of awning windows include:

  • Ventilation: One of the most popular benefits is that they allow for proper ventilation throughout your home. If you enjoy the naturally breezy weather in Nashville, you’ll appreciate this feature, which allows for maximum airflow efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient: Awning windows are also very energy-efficient because they can be shut tight, creating an excellent seal against drafts and helping reduce energy bills.
  • Easy to clean and operate: Awning windows pivot on top-mounted hinges, making them especially easy to open and operate.
  • Enhanced security: Awning windows’ crank closures mean they close extra tight, so burglars can’t open them from the outside. And since awning windows only open to a fixed degree, it’s hard for a trespasser to squeeze through even an open window.
  • Affordable: Their smaller size makes them more affordable than their counterparts.

Best Uses for Awning Windows

Awning windows are well suited for small spaces, and anywhere you want to enjoy fresh air and ventilation. They pair well with other window types, too ― imagine an awning window above or below a picture window.

Let’s look at some of the suggested places where awning windows work best in your Nashville home.

  • Garages, as a small window opening above eye level for privacy and enhanced ventilation
  • Kitchens, above kitchen sinks and countertops, for proper ventilation and rapid expulsion of heat from cooking and baking
  • Above other windows, to increase ventilation, natural lighting, and curb appeal
  • First-floor bathrooms, to decrease moisture and humidity
  • Basements, for greater ventilation with the added level of security

Awning windows by Zen Windows Nashville are an all-around essential for your home. All our windows have a DOUBLE lifetime warranty with 100% coverage and protection for the lifetime of your project.

Awning Windows by Zen Windows Nashville

Our professionals take great pride in our quality of work, and we’ll always prioritize the needs and comfort of our Nashville customers. When you work with Zen Windows Nashville, you’ll get hands-on support and personal involvement from the owner, Brad Alexander.

Our seasoned team has served Nashville homeowners since 1998, and we offer our customers industry-leading techniques, high-quality manufacturers to deliver exceptional results, and a no-money-down guarantee. We’ll get you started on the window plan of your dreams!

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Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about awning windows in Nashville, TN, are:

Can awning windows have screens?

They can! Because of their design, you can open awning windows rain or shine without letting in precipitation. They’re typically too small for intruders to enter through, which is great for security.

But insects and other pests can get in, so you’ll likely want to install screens on your awning windows. Because they open to the outside, your screens need to be mounted on the inside of your awning window.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of awning windows?

The advantages are many! Awning windows:

  • Allow natural light in every room
  • Are usually positioned high on a wall for added security
  • Can stay open year-round
  • Fit where many windows won’t
  • Offer unobstructed views
  • Provide excellent ventilation

Awning windows open outward, so they aren’t good to install on exterior walls of patios or high-traffic outside areas unless they’re very high on the wall. Because they’re exposed to weather more than most windows, you may need to clean them more often. Awning windows are usually too small to qualify as escape routes.

Where should I install awning windows?

The modern-day rule about awning windows is: There are no rules. Any location in your home that will benefit from added natural light and ventilation is a fine place for awning windows.

  • Basements: Because these windows have additional security features, basements and below-grade rooms are good sites to install awning windows.
  • Bathrooms: Good ventilation, privacy, and security are all important in bathrooms. Awning windows placed high up provide natural light and fresh air year-round.
  • Bedrooms: An open awning window allows you to enjoy the comfort of fresh air while you sleep. And you can sleep soundly, knowing your awning windows are safe and inaccessible from the outside.
  • Combination: Picture windows are terrific for viewing, but they don’t open, so … not good for ventilation. Awning windows combined with picture windows give you the best of both.
  • Kitchens: You need year-round air circulation in a kitchen. Over the sink is a standard site for easy-operation replacement awning windows.

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