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Bow Windows From Zen Windows Nashville

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Bay Windows

Bow windows are popular among Nashville homeowners because they offer a unique focal point in any home. Bow windows are often installed in living rooms and dining rooms to create an expansive feel to a space of any size, offer a grander view of the outdoors, and add curb appeal.

Interior of a bow window installation

What Are Bow Windows?

Bow Windows

Bow windows, simply put, bow outward. They are composed of four to six similarly-sized windows that project beyond the exterior wall, which creates a curved rather than angular effect. Due to their combined size and expanse of glass, bow windows offer more panoramic views and let in more natural light than bay windows.  Bow windows have more glass panes than bay windows, achieving a gradual curve rather than a hexagonal or square shape. These projection windows are a beautiful architectural feature that immediately adds character and distinction to any home.

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Bow Windows vs. Bay Windows in Nashville, TN

Do you know the difference between a bow window and a bay window? If not, don’t worry because you’re not alone ― plenty of homeowners can’t accurately differentiate them from one another. Both bay and bow windows can offer a distinguishing architectural element by capturing expansive views and letting in a great deal of natural light. They are also popular because they can open up a room and serve as a cozy reading nook with bonus storage built under the seat. Another similar characteristic is that both bay and bow windows can be created by building individual rough openings into the wall to accommodate standard-sized windows, or they could be connected at the factory and then shipped and installed as one large unit.

  • Bow windows typically range in size from roughly 4 feet to 13 feet wide. They are usually made with fixed panes that are unmovable. Bow windows create more space inside because they protrude on the outside, unlike flat bay windows.
  • Bay windows typically include a larger center window with two narrow windows on either side, which are installed at an angle, causing the bay to project out beyond the exterior wall. Bay windows may or may not be fixed; frequently, the center window is fixed, and the flanking windows are operable.

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Pros and Cons of Bow Windows

Adding bow windows to your home not only provides sophistication and elegance but also increases the market value of your home. Their profile is slimmer than the bay window, making it a better option for homes that are too close to sidewalks or have an unsupportive structural design for bay windows. Because bow windows are made up of four to six windows, they let in more natural light. Enjoy unobstructed panoramic views from the comfort of your window seat — an additional benefit to bow window installation.

However, bow windows are typically fixed (non-operational), so a bay window might be the more appropriate choice if ventilation is a priority. The complex design of the bow window makes it less likely that there will be operable windows that allow for ventilation. Moreover, because bow windows are made with more glass and take up more space, they are usually more expensive to install or replace than bay windows.

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