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Double Hung Windows in Nashvhille, TN

Double-Hung Windows: The Most Popular Replacement Window

The double-hung window remains the most popular window replacement design in America, and for a good reason. With various style options and a classic look, the double-hung window is both versatile and timeless. Set in a single frame, double-hung windows are structured to have operable sashes at both top and bottom, allowing simultaneous movement and ventilation.

multiple double hung window installations bringing in natural light

At Zen Windows Nashville, we proudly provide our community with professional window upgrades they can rely on for many years to come. Double-hung windows are typically chosen to replace single-hung setups, and our skilled team will expertly install them in any space.

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The Advantages of Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Both double-hung and single-hung windows are common in houses, apartments, and office buildings in Nashville and beyond. Single-hung windows are designed with vertically moving bottom sashes and stationary upper sashes, whereas with double-hung windows, both upper and lower sashes are mobile and more accessible.

Double-hung windows have many benefits anyone can enjoy:

  • Convenience: The ability to move both upper and lower sashes makes it much more convenient to access and clean the panels on double-hung windows than their single-hung counterparts.
  • Circulation: Because both levels can be opened, there is greater access to airflow that will increase the circulation in your home or office.
  • Security: The presence of two locks increases security, making them a safer option than single-hung windows.
  • Variety: With more colors, styles, and materials to choose from than single-hung windows, double-hung windows offer more architectural possibilities.

Double-Hung Window Sizes

We offer double-hung windows in the following sizes:

  • 24 inches by 36 inches
  • 24 inches by 46 inches
  • 28 inches by 54 inches
  • 28 inches by 66 inches
  • 28 inches by 70 inches
  • 34 inches by 46 inches
  • 34 inches by 62 inches

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