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Round-Top Window Replacement in Nashville

round top windows installed in library

Round-top windows add more light and warmth to a room. And because they usually have no moving parts, they’re extremely energy-efficient. Architects may refer to round-top windows as “lunettes,” which means “little moon” in French. 

Round-top windows are versatile and beautiful. If you’re planning a home improvement project this year, your Zen Windows Nashville team has ideas! Call 615-424-8102 or contact us today for a fast, free round-top window installation or replacement quote.

Are Round-Top Windows a Good Investment?

All Zen Windows are exceptionally energy-efficient, especially round-top windows. The solid frame and low-E glass prevent air loss year-round, so you may even save money on your monthly energy bills.

Homeowners may also qualify for an ENERGY STAR® tax credit if you install energy-efficient windows in your home this year. If you’re planning to sell soon, you’ll be pleased to learn replacement windows deliver as much as 85% return on investment! If you spent $10,000 on replacement windows, you could increase the listing price by $8,500. For example, your $200,000 listing can become $208,500.

Round-top windows add value and curb appeal to every property. When you consider Zen Window’s lifetime guarantee, you can be sure your investment will pay off.

You’ll appreciate the Zen Windows Nashville difference: No hassles, no upfront down payment, no upselling, and a fast, free quote without an obligatory home visit. Call 615-424-8102 or contact Zen Windows Nashville. No pressure, we’re ready when you are.

Types of Round-Top Windows

Round-top window design is a gently curved top and rectangular bottom. How we position your windows is up to you. Some configurations are:

  • Double-hung arch – The round-top windows offer enhanced ventilation with two operating sashes. They can open from the top or bottom.
  • Fixed arch – These accent the square windows beneath them and do not open. They offer more light in a pleasing exterior appearance.
  • Multi-window arch – This unique arrangement places a series of gently sloping arched windows together to create a round-top appearance.
  • Round-top casement – Arch casement windows have a sash on the side. They can be opened like other casement windows.
  • Single-hung arch – With one operating sash, these round-top windows can open at the top or bottom.

Round-top windows are usually installed higher than most windows. This allows additional light to enter at the apex where the wall meets the ceiling. Most homeowners choose a fixed window for easier maintenance.

Never let money stop you from making the home improvements you need. Zen Windows Nashville offers flexible, affordable financing. To discuss the round-top windows configuration that works best, call 615-424-8102 or contact Zen Windows Nashville.

Pros and Cons of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows are charming and elegant. What’s not to love? Believe it or not, they may not be right for everyone. They shouldn’t be too expensive for your budget because the many configurations allow for a wide price range.


  • Fixed windows are always easier to clean.
  • Little maintenance is required.
  • Round-top windows are a beautiful focal point for any room.
  • Round-top windows work with other windows and match any architecture.
  • Round-top windows are versatile in pane arrangements as well as window configurations.


  • Fixed round-top windows don’t allow for additional ventilation.
  • If they’re mounted high, round-top windows are difficult to clean.
  • Round-top window installation is never a DIY project. They are difficult to install, and fixing an installation mistake can cost more than professional installation would have in the first place.
  • Round-top windows usually cost more than rectangle windows.

Zen Windows Nashville offers a revolutionary customer care experience. You’ll be amazed and pleased. Call 615-424-8102 or contact us today for your round-top windows quote.

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