Q: How Can You Provide Quote Without Coming To My Home?

A: Here’s an industry secret: Gathering the necessary information to provide a quote can be done within 10 minutes. Those three-hour sales meetings are designed to pressure you into buying right then and there. At Zen Windows Nashville, we stand against any and all sales pressure. So instead of a drawn-out sales meeting, we simply collect a little info from you through a quick phone call or through our Get A Quote page. Then we follow up with an accurate quote over the internet.

Q: Do I Have To Provide You With My Windows’ Measurements?

A: No, there’s no need to get out the measuring tape (though we may ask for exterior pictures of each of the exterior elevations of your home). We use online data, photos, and the basic information you provide us through our Get A Quote page. We do, however, come to your home before we order your windows to ensure they are an exact fit.

Q: What Kinds Of Windows Do You Sell?

A: When it comes to styles, we install every type of window: single hung, double hung, casement, specialty windows -- you name it. Visit our Styles & Options page for more details.

Q: What Material Are Your Windows Made From?

A: Our replacement windows are made of premium virgin vinyl. This is our window material of choice because it offers the epitome of looks, performance, and value. For a head-to-head comparison of vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows, visit our Window Comparison page.

Q: Who Makes Your Windows?

A: Soft-Lite, which has been one of the most respected names in the industry since the 1930s. Soft-Lite creates award-winning windows exclusively for Zen because the company recognizes our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our windows, visit our Replacement Windows.

Q: Can I See Product Samples?

A: Yes! We send you detailed video demonstrations of our windows through email. You’ll see exactly what the windows look like and how they operate. And if you’d like an in-home demonstration, we can accommodate.

Q: Who Will Install My Windows?

A: Our installers are our most important asset—after all, they make all of our glowing 5-star reviews possible. Our crews are comprised of window installers with decades of experience and true passion for the craft. They go into your project with a “Do It Once, Do It Right, So It’s Done Forever” attitude. Not only that, but our installers are just plain friendly people. They make your experience pleasant and stress free the entire time they’re in your home. For more details, visit our Why Choose Us page.

Q: How Long Does Window Installation Take?

A: Our typical response is, “However long it takes to do it right.” That said, here are estimated times based on the amount of windows we’re installing:

  • 12 windows or fewer: About one day.
  • 12 to 20 windows: About two days.
  • 30 windows or more: About three days or longer.

Remember:  These are only ROUGH timeframes. All homes differ, so your project may take a little longer.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Double Pane & Triple Pane Windows?

A: Double pane windows have two panes of glass, and are much more energy efficient than single pane windows. Triple pane windows have three panes and provide the highest energy efficiency. For more info, visit our Window Energy Efficiency page. We explain window energy efficiency in Nashville in great detail.

Q: Is It Okay To Replace Wood Windows With Vinyl Windows?

A:  Yes! If you currently have old single-pane wood windows, upgrading to vinyl windows with modern-day energy efficient features will save you big money on your utility bills and create a more comfortable home. If you’re worried about losing the aesthetics that wood windows provide, don’t be; our vinyl replacement windows are crafted with total curb appeal in mind. Our windows will look fantastic in your home.

Q: How Are Your Prices Compared To Other Window Companies?

A: Consider us Nashville’s value-driven replacement window company. Due to our low overhead (no sales staff, no showroom, buying factory direct), we’re able to offer a award-winning vinyl windows for an unbeatable value. Our products are light years ahead of the “cheap” guys, and our prices are well below the “expensive” guys.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Your Windows?

A: Absolutely. Our primary concern is providing you with a pleasant experience -- and that includes an investment that fits comfortably within your budget. As such, we offer excellent financing options to allow you to get the windows YOU want. For more information, click over to our Financing page.

Q: How Are Your Window Warranties?

A: Our True Double Lifetime Window Warranties provide total protection… with none of the exceptions. You get full coverage on materials (including glass!) AND installation (including trips charges!) for as long as you own your home. And since our warranty is DOUBLE lifetime, it transfers to the next owner should you decide to sell your home. Visit our Warranty page for more details.

Q: How Much Money Can Energy Efficient Windows Save Me?

A: When you upgrade your windows, expect to keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket every year. Industry tests have shown our windows are the most energy efficient on the market. For more information on how much energy efficient windows can reduce your utility costs, visit our Window Energy Efficiency page.

Q: What Areas Do You Provide Window Replacement For?

A: We provide window replacement for Nashville and all of the surrounding areas. For a complete list of where we work, visit our Service Areas page.

Q: I’d Prefer An In-Home Appointment -- Can You Accommodate Me?

A: Yes! Occasionally, we come across homeowners who prefer us to come to their homes to  provide quotes. If this is you, we are more than happy to accommodate your request for an in-home meeting. Just as with our online quotes, our in-home quotes are quick and completely free from pressure. Call us at 615-424-8102 today to get started.